Pre Sale Orders
      Items placed on Pre Sale in September and October 2017 can expect to be delivered in late October or early November 2017. We are doing our best to get our stock into our warehouse and out to you as quickly as possible.
      Items Ordered On Back Order
      In the past once we had sold out of a style we were unable to make any more even if you begged us to (which many of you did) we just were not able to make it. We are now offering “back orders” on certain styles. If an item you are after is available for back order, place the order as though its in stock and as soon as it comes in, we will ship it to you.
      Each item on back order will have an approximate date it will be available to be shipped to you.
      Back Order Delivery Times Can Vary And Will Depend On Things Like:
      -Do we have the printed fabric in stock (if it’s a printed swimsuit)
      -How many other items are in the pipeline before the back order (this includes custom DYO items also)
      -Shipping and Customs delays
      -Public Holidays and Business Closures
      We hope to have items on back order delivered within 4 weeks
      This is the first year we have offered this and we know there will be hiccups. We will be working very hard to get your back orders out to you as quickly as possible. We want you to enjoy your swimwear for as long as possible so please order early or when the item is in stock to avoid disappointment.
      Wait Lists
      In some cases we will have a wait list for products that MAY become available again in the future. If the product you are after has a wait list, enter your email address and you will be notified as soon as it back ordered, giving you the best chance of being able to order it.

      Adding your name to a wait list does not guarantee we will bring a product back, but if you send us nice emails and cake, we will probably be able to work something out for you.