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3 Reasons We Love Seamless Swimwear

For the past few years, we have been making Seamless Swimwear. We started off with our hipsters and then made the change to our mid waisted styles.
So basically all of our best selling bikini bottoms are seamless.

So what is “seamless” exactly? Good question.

what is seamless swimwear

Basically, seamless swimwear doesn’t have any elastic around the tops or legs making it a more comfortable fit. It’s a bit trickier to make and costs a bit more since we are using fabric on the inside of the suit (rather than lining) but it is oh-so worth it!

Here are 3 (OK, it’s actually 4) reasons why we love Seamless Swimwear

It’s reversible. Yes, that’s right we make all of the seamless swimwear reversible so you get to mix and match tops and bottoms with prints and plains.

On our seamless bottoms, we use removable care labels so you gently snip them off and have two bikini bottoms for the price of one!

It’s more comfortable. Seamless means no side seams digging into you, no elastic waistbands that feel as though they are going to cut you in half.
Seamless means super soft and comfy.

It’s more flattering, Especially if you are bottom heavy. Think about it, no digging in just smoooooooth lines.

So, there you have it, if you didn’t know or love Seamless Swimwear before, you probably do now! Find our best selling seamless and sustainable bikini bottoms by clicking right here



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