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Eco Swimwear Explained

Around 85% of post-consumer textile materials, stuff like unwanted clothing (weve all been there and bought something from the sale rack we thought we HAD to have but the reality is, these items find their way into landfills with just 15% being recycled on an annual basis.

These numbers are alarming and equate to billions of pounds of textile waste piling up in landfills.

Eco Swimwear can help keep this unnecessary waste out of our environment. But, what does that mean for you?

eco swimwear explained

What Is Eco Swimwear?

Eco Swimwear is swimwear that looks, feels, and functions just like a regular swimsuit, except it’s been made using eco-friendly materials and processes that help keep textile waste out of the environment. Bombshell Bay Swimwear is dedicated to producing Eco Swimwear.

All of our Eco Swimwear is designed in Australia and made with our world’s beautiful oceans in mind. Every step of the sourcing, sewing, and selling process considers our waters and goes the extra step to help keep our beaches and waterways pristine.

Why Choose Eco Swimwear?

Bombshell Bay Swimwear chooses to sell Eco Swimwear for one key reason: we want to preserve our precious resources. When textile waste finds its way into landfills, it pollutes the environment and ultimately harms nature. Eco Swimwear is designed with the environment in mind.

We think it’s important that the swimwear available on the market supports the healthy functioning of our ecosystem. After all, we couldn’t enjoy swimming, surfing, and frolicking if our waters and the environment continue to be polluted with our unnecessary waste. That’s why we do what we can to use recycled materials without compromising on quality.

How Is Eco Swimwear Different?

As a consumer, you really wouldn’t note any differences between our Eco Swimwear line and any other “high-end” swimwear out there. That’s because, while we find it important to employ eco-friendly processes, we know that we can’t do this at the compromise of quality or durability.

We know that you expect a high-quality product at the end of the day, and that’s why we have gone through painstaking processes to ensure that our Eco swimwear is identical in quality, feel, and durability when compared to any other average swimsuit out there.

As part of our commitment to proving that sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, we also take that extra step with our quality control to make sure the little details are covered, whether it’s making sure the fit is perfect and the prints are as vibrant as they are unique.

This means, in the end, you’re going to get a fantastic, high-quality, and super cute swimsuit with a bunch of added eco-friendly perks. In fact, sustainability is not the only thing that sets Bombshell Bay Swimwear apart from the rest. We also are guided by the belief that you can be sexy and confident without the skimp. That’s why our swimwear line is full coverage.

Show Your Love For Eco Swimwear

If you love our beautiful planet and waters, choose sustainable swimwear. Our swimsuits are produced without producing new waste or using harmful chemicals thanks to the high-quality EcoNyl fabric that we employ in our design and production processes. You’ll get the look and feel of a classic swimsuit while keeping your conscious, and our oceans, clean.



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