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How To Fall In Love With Yourself Wearing A Swimsuit

Some of us find the thought of wearing a swimsuit so daunting that we actually avoid situations that require us to wear one (ever conveniently “forgotten” your swimsuit to a pool party, retreat or weekend away… hmm. You wouldn’t be the only one)

With so many women feeling this way, it’s our duty here at Bombshell Bay Swimwear to release you of this BS that you have around wearing swimsuits and we want you to literally FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF, no wait, let’s take it one step further… HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH YOURSELF whilst wearing a swimsuit.

fall in love with swimwear



The greatest thing about wearing a swimsuit is you are more than likely going to be getting into a body of water of some type. This alone is one of the most amazing, relaxing and healing things you can do for your body. Being totally submerged in the ocean is one of life’s great pleasures and an awesome way to exfoliate and cleanse skin.




Spend time outdoors (of course wearing sunscreen) lazing, hiking, surfing, gardening, exploring or doing something you love in your swimsuit is the ultimate reward for a big week at work or overcoming a big challenge. Associating wearing a swimsuit with something you love is the easiest way to fall in love with wearing a swimsuit. Your gratitude and sun kissed skin know this and you will too when you look in the mirror after a big day of doing something you love.




Reading is the perfect escape and with so many hours spent sitting in front of screens, getting lost in a book is the perfect way to transport yourself to another time or place. It doesn’t matter if you are reading trashy romance novels, historical fiction (my personal favourite) or a business book you will find yourself totally distracted and engrossed in another universe.


Do it. Often.


We tend to put wearing a swimsuit off and when Summer rolls around we have had months of telling ourselves that we hate wearing swimsuits when actually, it’s not that bad at all, we are just out of practice. Next time you are going out of town for a weekend away or someone asks you over to their pool for a swim, throw in your swimsuit and get into the habit of loving yourself in it.


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