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Maternity Swimwear… So What’s The Deal?

Maternity Swimwear- Do I need it, What’s the deal?

Well, I suppose if you want to wear something that is covered in polka dots, flowers or tropical fish print then yes, go ahead and get yourself some “maternity” swimwear.

If you want to rock your own style in a swimsuit that is comfortable (seamless swimwear is amazing for maternity swimwear) then I suggest you head over to our shop page and browse styles that we have in stock.

 Matenity Swimwear Do I need it?

We always suggest a bikini for maternity swimwear as it gives you more room to grow. One pieces can be tricky for Maternity Swimwear, if the suit isn’t designed with enough length you may be revealing a little more than you intend, oh and since you are probably going to the toilet every 20 minutes, a one piece isn’t overly convenient.


Whats the best swimsuit when nursing? Should I avoid Bikinis with Underwires while pregnant nursing? 

There is a bit of an old wives tale that says you shouldn’t wear an underwire when pregnant or nursing but to be honest that’s all a bit of BS.

Most of our bikini top styles are perfect for pregnancy and nursing because we don’t really believe in underwires anyways. Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable. Seamless Bikini Tops are comfortable and 



What happens if my swimwear stretches when Im pregnant?

Well, unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot we can do there as swimwear cant be shrunk but you will have a tiny human as a consolation prize, so yay!


How to choose the best swimsuit when you are pregnant

Here are some considerations for finding the best swimsuit for when you are expecting.


Seamless Styles

Think comfort, also reversible so its 2 for 1 essentially.



The best quality Lycra has incredible stretch, this is what we make all of our swimwear with and this is absolutely what you will want in a swimsuit. You can go up as much as a cup size (sometimes even two)


Mix and Match

You may be wearing this whilst pregnant and nursing so you may want to purchase additional pieces as your shape changes.


Two Piece is the way to go

Because you will always need to “go”


Hipsters rather than High Waist

The hipster will sit below your belly and be a more comfortable fit


Adjustable helps

But honestly, go with whatever makes you feel good.


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