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The Most Asked Questions We Get About Swimwear

What’s the best swimwear to prevent sunburn?

OK, so no swimwear alone will not prevent your skin from burning. The sun is a burning ball of fire and yes, its 7 gazillion miles from the earth but is still going to burn you if you stay out in it long enough. Swimwear that has UV50+ is going to help protect your skin, if you are lily white, a vampire or very sensitive to the sun, we suggest applying sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go out into the sun and then again every 2 hours.

Grab a hat and some shades for extra protection. In Australia we are taught to slip, slop slap when we are kids because of that ozone layer, it’s a little thin down under.

The Most Asked Questions We Get About Swimwear

What’s the best swimwear to cover stretch marks?

Just about any one piece will cover your stretch marks, unless its one of these weird swimsuits with the stomach cut out, which TBH, we just don’t get. Go for something you feel comfortable in. Some people have trouble finding a one piece to fit their long torso, so a mix and match top and bottom can be fashioned into an “almost” one piece.

What’s the best swimwear to enhance small bust?

Anything with a V or a plunge enhances any bust. You can add more “volume” to your bust by adding removable cups to the lining of your swimsuit. If you have a bikini top with no padding that you want to add removable pads to simple snip a small hole in the inside lining of the top (around 3-5cms) and grab yourself a set of removable pads from your local haberdashery store. Fold and ease the pad into the slit and get it into position. Voila. You can stitch up the hole f you like but its so small you probably won’t need to.

What’s the best swimwear to avoid nip slips?

Yes, this is an actual question we get. Any activewear inspired bikini top will give you all the security you need. Plenty of coverage in the front, a good study set of straps (cross back are extra secure because the straps door fall off your shoulder)

What’s the best way to look after my swimwear when I’m on victim/holidays?

We always recommend you rinse your swimwear in clean water with a little soap and lay flat in the shade to dry.

Never ever put it in the washing machine. EVER. OK? GOT IT? GOOD.

If you are away on vacation and don’t have your usual laundry situation available, use a little body wash or soap from the shower (diluted) and rinse well.



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