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Slow Swimwear

We're changing it up & slowing things down a bit...

We've made the decision to stop mass producing swimwear. Yep, bombshell bay is going 100% custom made.

Sustainable SurfSuit

Why, you wonder?
Well, there are a few reasons, but sustainability
is at the top of the list.

Custom-made products ensure that excess stock of unordered sizes and styles doesn’t exist; this reduces unnecessary waste of stock that just isn’t moving.
Yes, it might take a touch longer to deliver your piece, but slow swimwear is sustainable swimwear and to us, that’s worth it.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

Well, we’ve heard from some of you that we end up out of stock of the styles and sizes you want before you’ve had the chance to buy, so custom-made helps to ensure that your perfect suit is available to you. When you design your own suit or rash guard, you get to choose swimwear that suits you to a t (pun intended). Mix any top with any bottom, in any size, and in any print or colour combination. Customize right down to the lining. For years we have been making custom surf suits and rash guards so the system is now a well-oiled machine; it runs pretty perfectly.

Our suppliers and production partners are on board with this on-demand method of production, which is fantastic (they’re pretty ace).


Slow Swimwear Custom Made Swimwear

 How long does it take to receive my order?



99% of the time you will have your order
in 4 weeks.
This is possible because we hold small quantities of pre-printed
fabric of our most popular prints.

If we aren’t carrying the print you’re after, we’ll need to have it printed first (yes, just for you) and then we can get started on crafting your piece.

Want it sooner?
We do have a “jump the queue” service if you don’t want to (or can’t)
wait that long.
For a fee, you can have your order prioritised and out of our hands in around
2 weeks.

If your product is already sustainable, why only go
custom-made? Won’t you lose customers?

Yes, our product is completely sustainable and cleans up our oceans at the same time. That said, the fashion industry is extremely wasteful and although we do sell most of our products, certain sizes and styles get left behind from time to time.
Our priority is to reduce the amount of waste we create and by only making a product we know we will sell, we can be confident we will be one of the industries most sustainable brands.
Yes, we will probably lose the last-minute vacation shoppers, but in the name of keeping things green (the earthly kind of green), we are willing to make this sacrifice.

Are There Any Extra Costs?

Cost-wise, nothing changes for you or for us.
Since we are not spending a tonne of cash on stock that does not
move, we are able to maintain our current pricing.


Sustainable slow swimwear


Join The Movement

By wearing sustainable swimwear, you’re showing that you are a conscientious individual—although no one will ever know it’s sustainable unless you tell them yourself! And, once you spend some time in your new swimsuit, we think you’ll be shouting it off the roof tops. Our sustainable swimwear line isn’t reserved for anyone. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities wear and love our swimsuits.  In reality, sustainability is the clean way forward, and millions of women are beginning to see that. Don’t be shy about the concept of sustainability. It will literally make all the difference between a clean future for our oceans, or a  very dirty one.


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for the better, for women and our planet.