So,What is Sustainable Swimwear EXACTLY?

So,What is Sustainable Swimwear EXACTLY?
October 30, 2017 bombshellbay

What Is Sustainable Swimwear?
Well, Sustainability means different things to different people but let me tell you about our Sustainable Swimwear.
We make swimwear from beautiful fabrics imported from Italy.
Don’t you think those Italians are always so well dressed? Making the rest of us look like a fright?
Annnnnnyways, the Italians, they make the beautiful Lycra and have been doing that for ages, and on the side they were figuring out how to make Lycra from recycled plastic, so now, those Italians are well dressed, smart and doing good for the planet.What chance do the rest of us have? I mean come on!

Why Are You Making It Now?
Yes, good question.

Up until now Sustainable Swimwear fabrics have only really been available to brands who order enormous quantities of it. It’s also a little bit more expensive than regular Lycra ( a cost we are happy to wear… get it… wear) Now that Sustainable Swimwear fabric has become “mainstream” we are able to buy it and produce our swimwear with it too. FINALLY.

What Makes This Swimwear So Sustainable?
Here is a REALLY simplified version of what happens
Humans use plastic items for everyday items from pens to razors to plastic bags and bottles and It’s a sad fact that a LOT of this plastic end up in our oceans.

There’s an army of people who fish it out, they are literally saints. They pass it onto some magicians who process it, perform some kind of magic on it and spin it into yarn.
This is then woven into the fabric we use to print on to make your swimwear.

Is Sustainable Swimwear Fabric Good Quality?

Of course! Do you think the Italians would substitute quality?
No, of course not. Wellllllll…. maybe, my dad used to say FIAT was an acronym for Fix It Again Tony.
Allora, the quality is amazing, just as amazing as the OG Lycra that we know and love.

How Do I Care For My Sustainable Swimwear?
The same as you would for any other swimwear. NEVER, EVER put it in the washing machine. EVER.
Hand wash cool water, dry in shade.

Does Sustainable Swimwear fit the same?
Yes, sustainable swimwear fabric is exactly the same fit as regular lycra. In fact, if you want us to get all technical on you, it’s actually “flatter” so it sits on the body a little better.
Class dismissed.

Does Sustainable Swimwear Stretch or Fade?

All swimwear stretches. The good stuff (like the stuff we use, has 4 way stretch) it snaps back into place after being worn. Over time all swimwear will stretch after use, however we still have pieces from our first collection that are in excellent shape. Prints are still vivid too.

The new Sustainable fabric we are using is just as good as regular Lycra so you can expect it to last.

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