How Many Swimsuits Do You Have?

Nothing beats a day at the beach in the summer. During these warm months, some of our favourite activities include swimming and tanning.

We advise you to bring a lot of swimsuits if you intend to spend your vacation by the water. You never know when you'll feel like taking a quick swim or spending the day on the beach. Here is the recommended number of swimsuits for every woman's suitcase.

Everyone is excited for summer, but it can be difficult to choose a swimsuit when there are so many alternatives. This is due to the wide variety of shapes and colours available. Here is our suggestion on how many swimsuits you should have in your closet this season to aid in your decision-making.

You have a lot of swimsuits if you're anything like me. I actually have enough of them because I adore them so much to wear a new one every day for two weeks!

However, if you calculate how many days are in a week and how many suits are needed, it actually comes out to be more than 50! It's fantastic to have too many options, but it might be challenging to locate the ideal suit.

Keep reading if you need some advice or tips on what to look for when buying your next bikini since we have some advice from our experts!

The number of swimsuits you own is probably something you have an idea of, but do you really know? Unfortunately, it's not always obvious how many swimsuits a person owns.

Continue reading if you need a new swimsuit or if your collection has been reduced to just one garment. I'll help you understand why it matters and how many suits you should own.

If you're like most people, you have many more swimsuits in your collection than you'll need for the duration of the summer. Why do we purchase so much? The solution could surprise you! Continue reading to find out more about how marketers trick us into buying items we don't need and how to stop it.

You generally don't consider swimsuits when planning your summer clothing. However, you have a lot of them if you're like most women! There are other alternatives to swimming in the water this summer to stay cool and comfortable, even though a cute bikini may be appropriate for a day at the beach or pool.

Do you ever wear your bathing suits? If so, here are some ideas on how to style them this summer without actually swimming! Make sure each item in your collection is worth its weight in gold or cloth by using these suggestions. When you think beyond the box, you'll be amazed at how many possibilities there are.

Do you own so many swimsuits that you struggle to keep them all organised? Do they eventually begin to resemble one another? Even if you don't swim frequently, having options is still beneficial.

When engaging in other activities like relaxing by the pool or taking a boat, people occasionally wish to wear their swimming suits. I wrote this article on how many swimsuits is too many and what kinds of suits you should have in your collection to be of assistance.


How Many Swimsuits Should We Own?

In less than two weeks, I'll be moving into my own apartment, which means daily excursions to the Salvation Army on 23rd Street to get rid of the enormous amount of crap I've managed to accumulate during my nearly four years there. When I organised my summer clothes yesterday, I found that I had...

22 bathing suits! I decided it was time to do some tossing because the majority of them had seen better days due to their concrete-nubbled bottoms (yes, I'm 27 years old and I still have a saggy tush in my swimsuits from sitting poolside without a towel underneath me! ), stretched out straps, and washed-out colours from too much salt and chlorine.

I wanted to make sure my little bikini was flawless because this weekend signals the beginning of summer and the first opportunity to wear it out in public.

I was left with a well-composed group of six suits: A stylish one-piece maillot by Norma Kamali for when I'm feeling retro; a vivid kelly green bandeau bikini by Vix with a gold O-ring in the centre; a straightforward black string bikini from H; a straightforward white string bikini by Lisa Curran; and four different patterned tops and bottoms (mostly florals) from Old Navy, H&M, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

There is a tonne of possibilities for mixing and matching with this, so check out my tips for rocking the clashing swimwear look!

—and also covers all of my fundamental bases.

I've always had a well-rounded collection of swimsuits, and six feels like plenty. Swimsuits are one of the few items that always fit me well (particularly since the tops and bottoms can be purchased separately).

I feel fortunate to have gotten rid of so many old suits and yet have a select few that fit me wonderfully because most ladies I know find it difficult to locate just one that they adore.

What about you, ladies? Have you accumulated a drawer full of bikini tops and bottoms after years of collecting them? Or do you spend your money on just one that you adore each season, preferring quality over quantity? What number of swimsuits do you own? Share!

Building a Swimwear Wardrobe

Despite the fact that most women are emotionally prepared for the warm weather and sandy beaches, not all of their closets contain the appropriate summer swimwear.

Establishing a swimwear wardrobe is similar to building an outerwear wardrobe in that you have items to suit various looks, moods, and weather conditions, but it isn't as extensive or varied as your street apparel collection.

We are here to help you put together the swimwear and accessories you need to enjoy yourself in or on the water, no matter the occasion, so that your swimsuit wardrobe functions similarly.

1. Evaluating Your Needs

Do you do anything in a swimming suit? Do you swim laps as exercise? chase little children while they play? sit in a chaise lounge while obtaining drinks with miniature umbrellas? I personally perform each of these activities in turn, and I dress differently for each of them!

Do you go somewhere in your swimming suit? the community pool? a lake house owned by your family? A Bahamas? Because I visit each of those locations as well, and I dress differently for each occasion.

Each of the aforementioned locations and activities has its own requirements for performance, modesty, sun protection, and balance. Let's picture a swimsuit wardrobe that would be appropriate for these situations as obviously no one or two swimming suits would be suitable for all of that.

When swimming for exercise, it's important to wear a swimsuit that stays put securely and provides the most range of motion possible, like our iconic Tugless Tank. This suit is simple and uncomplicated. However, this type of swimwear is undoubtedly appropriate for family lake swimming as well.

When playing with young children, whether they are yours or little relatives you are looking after for the afternoon, a modest suit with a charming print is preferable.

When you have to crouch down to pick up a toddler or when a child wants to take a "dolphin ride" on your back, you could appreciate a skirted suit or tankini with swim shorts.

This is definitely the perfect occasion to wear a swimming suit to the local pool! To order drinks at the swim-up bar, you might want a briefer, flirtier suit if you're fortunate enough to be on vacation in the Bahamas. However, if you want to go on the beach at Balmoral Island about noon, you will need to use serious sun protection.

We would advise everyone to wear a long-sleeve rash guard, and since my skin is about the colour of a white peach, I would personally wear it with swim capris. So those are four distinct swimsuits or swimwear ensembles, and we hope they serve as a great example of why you should stock up on swimsuits.

2. Making It All Work

There are other things to think about. A small bikini—a top with a bra-style top and briefs with a bikini cut—will be needed to wear underneath if you want to wear a long-sleeve rash guard and swim capris. The bottom of the bikini is there to keep sand out of places where you most definitely don't want it, and the top is there for support.

Consider the varieties of swim covers you'll require. A linen shift is perfect for the community pool, a gauzy pareo is perfect for a tropical beach, and a terry robe is fantastic for the gym pool. For natural bodies of water, you'll need water shoes, but for a resort pool, you'll want stylish sandals.

Think about both fashion and utility. For instance, a huge straw hat looks really stylish with large Jackie O. sunglasses and will offer you excellent protection from the sun.

A large beach towel with a monogram is stylish and preppy while also preventing confusion on the chairs. The bathing suit by itself is not the beginning and end of your swimwear requirements.

3. Ready for Any Occasion

The best kind of sartorial crisis—the bathing suit kind—can be avoided when you take the time to carefully curate a swimwear wardrobe that you can wear anywhere, at any time.

It may be incredibly distressing to not have the appropriate swimwear, especially for ladies who already experience bathing suit anxiety.

Make sure you have the appropriate swimwear on hand in case you are asked to a neighbor's pool party, a water aerobics class with women from your card club, or to fill a last-minute space on a girls' cruise.

In this manner, you can focus on enjoying yourself and having fun, which is what swimming suits are actually all about!

4. Building up the wardrobe

Unbelievably, there is considerable discussion over the ideal number of bikinis for a woman to own. As a result, it's a good idea to have a variety of swimwear options.

Swimwear tends to fade quickly because of chemicals in pool water or from rubbing against sand at the beach, so you also want to be able to wear a range of styles. Changing your suits out frequently will help to reduce some of the common wear-and-tear issues, but how many are too many?

Although there isn't really a magic number for the minimum amount of swimsuits a woman should own, three suits should be the minimum. You should have one or two nice swimsuits, just like you have your nice shoes and your nice dress that you save for special occasions.

These are the sandals you'll take to a pool party or a family outing. To prevent any harm from muddy lake water or sand beaches, they should only be worn in a pool or while lying out in the sun. The other swimsuits should have various styles and be interchangeable for any occasion.

When sunbathing in your own backyard, for instance, you could choose a strapless bathing suit to prevent tan lines, but swimming at the beach would be best in a more supporting suit. You have the ideal number of swimsuits—enough to alternate often, but not too many that your drawer becomes cluttered.

5. Finding the right swimsuit for your body type 

This is a fantastic place to begin. Here are some suggestions for choosing a swimsuit that will give you the confidence to relax by the beach or pool:

  • Opt for two-piece swimwear

Although it can be difficult to get into or out of a wet bathing suit, some ladies prefer the added coverage of a one-piece swimsuit. A tankini is the ideal remedy if you've ever encountered this issue.

Even though you get the same amount of covering, it's simpler to manoeuvre when you need to swiftly slip it on and off. A two-piece swimsuit not only offers that extra flexibility, but the different parts also let you mix and match.

  • Invest in a good pair of black bottoms

There's a new universal fashion item in town, so move over, little black dress. Speaking of mixing and matching, every woman's swimwear collection should include a pair of cosy black swimsuit bottoms.

Almost any bathing suit top design, colour, and texture will instantly complement a solid black bottom piece. With this method, you can save money by purchasing a range of shirts rather than an entire swimsuit for each swimwear combination as swimsuit pieces are often sold individually.

  • Don’t forget about the cover-up

An excellent swimsuit collection must include a cover-up. While wearing a swimsuit underneath a pair of jean shorts on the beach, for instance, can get hot and unpleasant and leave wet patches on your clothes, no one is truly comfortable strolling around in just a tankini. A cover-up gives you a secure degree of protection and the extra advantages of comfort and movement.

Here’s How Many Swimsuits You Should Pack for Vacation

How many swimsuits should you bring on your trip? There is no definitive response, but the following is a useful guideline: If you're a minimalist, I'd suggest two or three swimsuits per week should be enough to keep you covered and at ease for a week. Choose 4-5 selections per week if you desire variety. Anything above that is typically simply unnecessary clutter. And I'll discuss why in this piece.

But first, let's go over every scenario that could possibly apply to you. Feel free to make changes as necessary.

1. If you want to fit everything in a carry-on

If you're travelling light, go for:

  • 2-3 swimsuits
  • Two cover-ups
  • a pair of flip flops

How am I going to get by with three bikinis for the entire week, you're presumably wondering.

And the truth is: Minimalists have managed for years with even less. Some of them decide to buy two, which will allow them to wear a dry pair while the other is drying on the patio. (And I'm certain that some of the most strict minimalists choose for one.)

You object, "But I'm not a minimalist, stupid!" "I just want to pack light and not have to worry about losing my bags," the travelling said.

There you have it—a maximum of three bikinis. Three is the ideal number to allow for unforeseen circumstances like what if it starts to rain on the patio or what if my bikini's elastic breaks while still fitting everything in a carry-on.

To choose less, keep in mind that you don't have to be a minimalist. You might be a regular customer who is sufficiently alarmed by the thought of losing your luggage.

2. If you hate unwashed swimsuits but still wanna pack light

If you don't like dirty swimwear but still want to travel light, you simply need one more thing:

  • 100 grams of detergent

As long as the swimsuits are dry, some folks are quite fine with wearing them without being washed. However, if that seriously grosses you out, you can always wash a little after swimming.

I am aware that. Laundry is the last thing you want to do when on vacation. But look at the bright side: by removing the saltwater and chlorine from your swimsuits as soon as you can, you're extending their lifespan.

Furthermore, washing just takes five minutes, and drying on the balcony in the summer breeze only takes thirty.

However, I don't want to consider laundry when on vacation.

If so, call the resort and find out if they have laundry services or if there are any available nearby. Additionally, depending on the material of your swimsuit, you might want to ask for "hand wash only".

To avoid going overboard, though, you can add one piece for each item if you like options:

  • Three cover-ups
  • 1-2 pairs of flip flops

3. Mix and match to create new looks

You don't have to appear to be packing the same outfit the entire time you're on vacation. If you love wearing bikinis, though, mixing and matching will benefit you. This is how:

Bikini mix and match rules:

  • Slimming colours are solid dark hues. But they're also excellent at minimising a specific body part (i.e., tummy and hip fats, broad shoulders, etc.).
  • For prints, the opposite is true. They are excellent at attracting additional attention and enhancing (i.e., make your breasts larger and your hips wider). If prints aren't your thing, choose ruffle and string bikinis to achieve the similar result.

    4. Mix and match based on your body shape

    • Pear-shaped women should choose solid-colored bottoms to hide their hips and patterned or ruffled shirts to highlight their shoulders and breasts.
    • Women with an inverted triangle body type should wear the opposite: solid-colored tops to minimise the shoulders and patterned, ruffled, or string bottoms to accentuate the hips.
    • Apple and rectangle-shaped women can accentuate their curves by wearing a basic top with string bikini bottoms.
    • Hourglass (the fortunate demons) are free to combine any two elements.

      5. How do I choose which swimsuits to bring?

      • Bring only your absolute favourites.

      Most women only wear five of the 10 swimsuits they bring on vacation. Repeatedly.

      Bringing your extra swimwear just in case can seem like a good idea. But more often than not, when it comes time to return home, things become clutter and the souvenirs don't fit.

      • "How do I know if a swimsuit is my 'absolute favourite'"

      If you feel happy wearing it, it will make you feel like a million dollars. Leave it in the past if it doesn't.

      I made the error of bringing a one-piece last year only for the sake of "diversifying my wardrobe." Even though I don't appear horrible in a one-piece, I definitely disregarded the fact that I have no enjoyment whatsoever while donning a one-piece style. I have always loved bikinis and probably always will.

      • Consider the activities you’ll be participating in

      An excellent idea for a rashguard is snorkelling. It doesn't have the same bulk as a wetsuit, but it does a great job of shielding your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.

      You might not notice the sun as much when you're in the water, but make no mistake: The sun's UV rays will still penetrate your exposed skin while you are in the water.

      Additional snorkelling equipment: You can either bring your own or hire it when you get there. Once more, enquire at the resort if it is.

      • snorkel goggles
      • snorkel mask
      • snorkelling shoes
      • You can never go wrong with a sundress

      For a versatile, carefree, and feminine style, choose sundresses over capris. Wear them when sipping wine at a candlelight dinner or while sipping coconut juice at lunch.

      6. If you’re high maintenance

      The other alternative is to only pack one swimsuit every day if you genuinely detest the idea of doing any laundry while on vacation (there's nothing wrong with that either; neither is there anything wrong with that).

      Although not the majority's prefered option, why not?

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