Sustainable Swimwear Brands Are the Definition of Hot Girl Summer

It's time to get ready for the ideal bikini beach season now that summer has arrived. What about your swimwear? You've got your sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, and snacks all organised into a nice bag. When it comes to choosing eco-friendly swimwear companies that can help you look and feel amazing while conserving the environment, there are a tonne of options available.

You'll want to spend as much time as you can by the pool or on a yacht while the sun is shining and the water is warm (or both). However, make sure your swimwear will hold up to all of those hours in the sun before you do!

If you spend your summers at the pool like I do, you are aware of how challenging it can be to find a swimsuit. You want something adorable, useful, and environmentally friendly. This is the reason I've put together this list of my favourite eco-friendly swimwear companies to aid all of you gorgeous females in finding the perfect fit.

We can all agree that the summer is the best season of the year. We get to relax after a long school year when the sun shines and we can wear shorts and tank tops. Even while we enjoy spending warm days at the beach or by the pool, there are some aspects of them that make us feel bad.

Due to improper waste disposal, tonnes of rubbish are dumped into our oceans and waterways every day.

Additionally, your body will still create sweat, which will eventually soak into the water as you exit the pool, even if you're using biodegradable sunscreen, which we highly recommend. What then do we do? First and foremost, we require swimwear that doesn't add to this pollution.

Sustainable swimwear companies are for you if you want to flaunt your lady power while yet being environmentally careful. The fact that they come in a variety of colours, styles, and costs is the best part!

People will comment on how "hot" you are if you wear these stylish suits this summer even if you aren't on vacation.

Put on one of these bikinis if the weather isn't too hot where you live or if a formal occasion (like prom) is coming up. When people enquire about my outfit and wish to purchase one, it will be worthwhile.

Swimwear is a crucial component of any summer look, regardless of whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or on vacation somewhere warm and tropical. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to choose which companies are worthwhile of your time and money given the abundance of possibilities.

Avoid spending more than $100 on something that only lasts for one season! So, below, you'll find a selection of eco-friendly swimwear companies that can meet all of your summertime demands, from bikinis to cover-ups.

These brands are ideal if you're seeking for swimwear that is both stylish and environmentally friendly. There are a tonne of eco-friendly swimwear alternatives available, but not all of them will provide the best value for your money.

You'll want something stylish and practical! We've put up a list of our favourites along with some useful advice on how to figure out what works for you. So continue reading to find out which is best for you.

Top Eco Swimwear Brands

1. Vitamin A

The firm, which is situated in Laguna Beach, has made a significant commitment to sustainability. For instance, stretch-ribbed EcoRib fabric is manufactured from recycled nylon, and the brand's founder Amahlia Stevens copyrighted its EcoLux fabric (a recognisable, sustainable weave composed of superfine matte jersey).

Based in California, its closely watched factories are committed to fair trade and collaborate with local craftspeople for international production. Additionally, the majority of Vitamin A's patterns are printed digitally, which significantly saves water usage (because it requires less wash and rinse cycles than the common wet-printing method).

Additionally, this eliminates the requirement for waste-producing screen printing and colouring baths. The list goes on: Its headquarters and warehouses are outfitted with solar-powered fans, low-flow water fixtures, motion-sensor lighting, and 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper goods, which reduces its electricity usage by 90%.

The company recently debuted a low-waste, adaptable collaboration with Misha Nonoo that features Amy Julliette Lefévre, one of our favourite fashion girls. The captivating Sustainable Summer Getaway capsule is made for "beach to après" on steamy summer nights and is decorated in summery hues of sea green, sapphire, and rust.

2. Hunza G

Under the creative supervision of Georgiana Huddart, the British swimwear brand Hunza G, which was first introduced in 1984, has seen a rebirth in popularity because to its use by fashionable women in warm climates on Instagram.

All of the swimwear made with the brand's crinkle fabric is produced in the UK, keeping the supply chain small and regional. The extra fabric is also used to make small runs of scrunchies and headbands, and the colourful swimwear is shipped in poly bags that are biodegradable, reusable, and recycled. Plus, Hunza G contributes a portion of its earnings to organisations like Street Smart.

Georgiana Huddart, co-founder and creative director of the brand, says of the burnt reds, lavenders, emeralds, and turquoises in the latest Majorelle collection, which pays homage to the hues favoured by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, "I was looking for tones that were warm and uplifting but a step away from neons, which we did last year."

The collection features sophisticated strapless swimsuits and asymmetrical bikinis with hoop details made from the London brand's recognisable crinkle effect fabric, which is knitted in the country's Midlands.

Long a supporter of sustainable design, Hunza G only emphasised this philosophy after the Covid-19 pandemic. It has brought to light the necessity for modernisation, claims Huddart. For its tiny staff, the label conducts a monthly Conscious Club meeting where they discuss methods to innovate while being environmentally conscious.

Offcuts from the brand's designs are made into headbands and scrunchies in an effort to decrease waste. Even the hygiene labels on the package are recyclable and sustainable, and the label runs a no-plastic office. It will also start utilising recycled nylon yarn starting in 2022.

According to Huddart, "sustainability is about altering a company's thinking from the ground up rather than just in a perforative approach to sell your products." Seeing what can be accomplished when everyone collaborates is exciting.

3. Lokiki

Thanks to the endeavours of co-founders Jen Dwin and Jen DeLory, Lokiki is strongly established in a goal dedicated towards sustainability in both its textiles and mailings. The brand's signature fabric is recycled nylon from fishing nets created in Italy. Small batches are produced for each batch in New York City (to lessen the carbon footprint).

Additionally, each suit features two layers for a supportive fit without excessive padding. Additionally, it uses recycled paper for its shipping bags, which are printed with eco-friendly ink (as opposed to some inks that may break down into pollutant chemicals).

By the end of the summer of 2021, the company aims to have 100% biodegradable shipping packaging and 100% recycled paper handbags. In order to conserve our sea life, the founders also donate 4% of their sales to clean water funds, which can help offer filtered drinking water to those in need.

4. Ohoy Swim

According to Anna Maria Nielsen, one half of Ohoy Swim, who launched the company in 2016 with fellow Scandinavian and Dubai-based Henna Kaarlelah, "We frequently look to images of our mothers in their teens for inspiration." The pair draws inspiration from outdoor pursuits like surfing and scuba diving to design comfortable clothing that doesn't seem sporty.

The brand also stresses the bow design as a fashion statement. Low back swimsuits and bandeau bikini tops have a seductive, barely sporty sensibility. According to Nielsen, "it enables different body proportions to change fit simply."

Ohoy Swim sources Econyl straight from Italy and makes its swimwear in a Sri Lankan factory that took six months to locate. We visited the island for surfing holidays, but when we were there, we learned that it is highly recognised for producing swimwear, Nielsen continues.

Ohoy Swim has introduced "Trails," a collection for spring that was inspired by the natural world and includes the company's debut print, a Pointillist floral pattern.

5. Sanctuary

The mission statement of Sanctuary is an appeal for more eco-awareness. According to Sanctuary's creative director Debra Polanco, "With every new partner, Sanctuary mandates that the brand focus on sustainability, give-back components, and diversity."

The company specialises in jeans and has developed a clever production method to lessen the water-intensive production of denim. In the end, it also applies to its swimming attire. Low-impact fibres, recycled plastics, and a cutting-edge washing procedure make up its three-point strategy.

In order to make Sanctuary's swim line out of 90% recyclable materials, the company teamed up with Amerex Swim Group. Up to 20 times less water is required to produce fibres like linen and tencel, and non-toxic production techniques generate little waste and pollution.

Internally, the company stays away from plastics altogether (in the workplace and during picture sessions) and uses recycled paper whenever possible.

6. Away that Day

For Ingemae Kotze, owner of the two-year-old sustainable swimwear company, fit is of the utmost significance. She claims that when she fits samples on her sisters and friends, she can tell right away what makes them feel confident. The Palma bikini top from Away that Day is a customer favourite since it has inspiring shirred accents and U-detail hardware.

The attractive patterns, which draw inspiration from international spots like Sorrento, Havana, Rio, and Palma, also feature bold hues, bow accents, and exotic prints. Kotze continues, "The colour of one bloom can also have an impact on the entire collection.

The swimsuit for Away that Day is developed by a family-run Bali supplier that specialises in Econyl, an upcycled yarn made from ocean plastic waste. The swimwear is designed in London. The company uses no plastic in its packaging, and for S/S 2020, Kotze is creating a bamboo-based line.

7. Sqorpios

According to founder Chiara Bransi, "Sqorpios was formed from the strong desire to create a brand that is sustainable yet sexy and trendy." "We want to demonstrate to the world that incorporating sustainability into our daily lives can be done joyously."

Fishing nets and other types of industrial plastic, as well as recycled materials obtained from landfills and the ocean, are used to make Sqorpios fabrics. It goes through a cleaning and regeneration process to produce a new textile yarn that is stain-, chlorine-, and sunscreen-resistant.

The brand may save 70,000 barrels of crude oil and 57,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every 10,000 tonnes of its Econyl substance (according to its site). Sqorpios goes a step further by using recycled materials to create all of its swimwear accessories, including tags, labels, and liners.

Additionally, the company only creates modest quantities of stock to guarantee product sell-through and prevent material waste.

8. Ack

Although Instagram has been charmed by the brand's rhinestone-studded, acid-hued bikinis, its creators are dedicated to more longevity than a passing Like. According to Rebecca Larsson, who along with Alessandra Scorletti created the brand in 2017, "being sustainable is a way of life, not a sales tactic."

The brand doesn't have a physical location, makes all of its swimwear by hand in modest factories in Italy, and controls the entire supply chain. Everything we do, from the creation of a product to its sale, helps the local economy, claims Scorletti, the former creative director of renowned eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture.

According to Larsson, the goal of Ack's brand motto was to "reflect women in their actual, natural forms while also accentuating their attractiveness." Bikinis with disco details, metallic bi-color balconette tops with flowery hardware, and kaleidoscopic tie-dye swimsuits with alluring cut-outs are all examples of what this means in the fashion world.

Larsson recently shot a series of photos depicting models surrounded by figurative sculptures in a series of marble caves she discovered near her homeland in Tuscany. We are one of only a few places in Italy where the sea and the mountains coexist, she claims. Even though I adore the ocean and the beach, I've never thought of them as the ideal locations for films.

9. Swiminista

With her line of cabana couture, Swiminista, Andréa Bernholtz demonstrates her belief that being eco-friendly should never entail forgoing elegance. Swimwear, according to Bernholtz, "takes you outside, where waste and pollution are in your face—or, you're swimming in it."

Our mission is to leave the environment in a better state than when we found it so that we can look forwards to a bright future. The recycled-bottle-to-suit brand is constructed from post-consumer plastics-derived sustainable materials (aka discarded plastics that have been cleaned and reimagined).

In addition to preventing the addition of more virgin plastic to landfills, extending the life of plastics lowers the carbon footprint by delaying the creation of polythene terephthalate (the most popular plastic used for clothing fibre).

Additionally, Swiminista uses compostable boxes and bags for their deliveries. But the company's fully adjustable sizing range, which runs from XS to XL, and its coordinated accessories are what have made it so well-known (like this adorable matching sarong).

10. Evarae

Looking for some Italianate design ideas? In an atelier close to Lake Como, sustainable swimwear brand Evarae creates its adaptable and delicately designed designs.

With leggings, bralettes, and swimming costumes, the brand's Move.Dance.Swim line has a hybrid sensibility and enables wearers to transition easily from, example, a Pilates class to poolside. One-pieces have frills, two-tone fabrics, and feminine features like puffed sleeves.

The brand is committed to protecting the environment and uses Econyl, an upcycled yarn made from carpet and water bottle trash that is dumped into the ocean.

Additionally, the label uses environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques, such as recycled paper for clothing tags and digital printing that produces less waste. Additionally, 2% of Evarae's monthly online sales are contributed to a number of organisations, guaranteeing that the label supports causes that are dear to its heart in the areas of the environment and society.

11. Hermoza

Hermoza's major objective is to create suits that don't demand even the slightest compromise, whether it is in terms of style, fit, or cost. The company's actions are in line with its concern for the environment.

All of its fabrics have a high UPF; they are made of recycled nylon fibre from pre- and post-consumer products, and when exposed to UV and UVB rays, their UV transmission is less than 2.5%.

No dangerous poisons or chemicals are released into the environment thanks to the environmentally friendly dying and cleaning process. Even with the heaviest use, such water sports, Hermoza maintains that their suits are highly resistant to wear and tear.

The recycled fabric is resilient enough to maintain its vibrancy while withstanding abrasions, chlorine, body lotions, and oils. All of this put together was sufficient to win Oprah over. O magazine featured The Genevieve, and anything Oprah endorses must be excellent.

12. Tona

Tona Stell, a stylist, believes that inclusive sizing is a fundamental goal. In order to ensure that every curve and shape of the female body was taken into account in the sample process, Stell modelled her items on a UK women's size 16 and an FF bra cup when she debuted her namesake swimwear business in July.

The end result is a collection of eye-catching items, from underwired to welled bikinis with high legs or high waist briefs and sporty bralette tops in vibrant flower prints or Op Art checkerboard available in a range of sizes.

Each of Tona's pieces, which are meant to be mixed and matched, is made with eco-conscious materials like Ecoynl and custom organic cotton, and it is packaged in recycled materials. Swim with careful design throughout.

13. Zulu & Zephyr

Zulu & Zephyr, one of Australia's most popular swimwear labels for almost ten years, is committed to its long-term sustainability efforts in a number of ways. According to the company, since the introduction of its Econyl swimwear in 2020, it has prevented 26,040 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 28,000 barrels of oil from being used.

Econyl is a kind of recycled nylon that offers fabrics for swimwear, sportswear, and the fashion industry. The coveted brand employs organic cotton and supports marine protection by working with Healthy Seas. Additionally, the company strives towards plastic neutrality and donates 1% of its annual gross sales to 1% For The Planet.

14. Vanessa Sposi

According to swimsuit designer Vanessa Sposi, "I believe in a sustainable approach, seeking to give modern classics — items that stand the test of time, clothes that accumulate summers."

The founder of her eco-friendly and ethically produced name-brand beachwear, which combines swimwear with stylish vacation styles, creates her designs in Paris, has them woven in Italy, and has them created in Portugal.

Regenerative, organic, renewable, and recycled materials, like Econyl, are used to create the items, which feature pared-back asymmetric one-pieces, leopard print bikini tops in striking triangle forms or sporty narrow strap designs, and bottoms with a V-brief or high waist.

Swimwear designs are filled with skin-nourishing antioxidants high in Vitamin E and calming Aloe Vera to moisturise the skin after a day spent in the sun, giving them another positive attribute.

15. PQ Swim

PQ Swim purchases recyclable and biodegradable textiles. All of the product's labels, tags, and packaging are created from recycled paper. According to Amber Delecce, the CEO of PQ, "Just like you, PQ cares to help safeguard the future of our planet."

"Whenever possible, we attempt to be on the cutting edge of technology advancements that contribute to reducing waste and energy use." For instance, its lyrica fabrics are a blend of biodegradable nylon and recycled polyamide (raw material recovered from everything from old carpets to factory waste).

10% of PQ's Eco capsule sales earnings are given to Coral Vita, a firm devoted to reviving the dwindling coral reefs in our oceans. The Eco capsule was so well-liked that it ran out, so keep an eye out for restocks.

16. Ayla

The goal when London-based entrepreneurs Kirsty Ames and Heidi Sommerau founded the label—the idea was conceived while they were on the beach in Tobago—was precisely to conjure up feel-good vacation vibes and recollections of cocktails on the beach. As a result, the Caribbean islands serve as inspiration for many of their designs.

Signature clashing-color frills and metallic thread details are used on one-pieces and bikinis to contrast soft, tie-dye patterns. Their eco-friendly swimwear collection is constructed from recycled materials, and their sarongs are made from Cupro, a cotton byproduct that would otherwise be discarded.

17. Momma

Jackie Robinson, the organization's creator, explains that "whether or not Momma was going to be sustainable was never an issue for me," adding that "it's just the right thing to do." Because recycled nylon has a superior flexibility and feel, the designer chose to utilise it.

"We designed our own bespoke blend for maximal comfort after evaluating hundreds of swatches on our quest to discover the correct fabric," adds Robinson. 80 percent recycled nylon and 20 percent spandex make up the fabric's original composition.

Our tissue, stickers, and mailers can all be recycled like grocery bags, and each outfit is packaged in biodegradable plastic. Momma also donates to the US Forest Service and One Tree Planted, a company that plants a tree in a US National Forest for each order that is placed.

You can count on the inclusive brand to deliver comfortable, multipurpose, and self-assured suits. "Our clientele reflect that we love to appeal to ladies of all shapes, sizes, and races."

18. Peony

The peony in creator Becky Jack's garden, where the family-owned Australian swimwear brand Peony was founded, gave the company its name. The capsule collection has a nostalgic bohemian vibe and delicate colour palettes with floral motifs that are inspired by Capri.

Each piece's lining is manufactured entirely from recycled and sustainable textiles that were developed in-house and all satisfy Oeko Tex Standard 100. Printed graphics are made with Econyl®.

19. Mara Hoffman

Hoffman is fully and truly committed to lowering her environmental effect and has been doing so for the past 15 years. Hoffman is well known for her attractive, classic forms and beloved by the fashion set.

The designer has begun using Repreve, a fibre derived from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise wind up in landfills or our seas, into her textured items in addition to Econyl®, which she uses for her line of eco-friendly swimwear.

20. Myraswim

Myraswim is prized for its classic styles and mutable colours. A minimalist's dream come true are clean lines and neutral colours like black, cocoa, vanilla, and clay.

The founder, designer, and owner, Bianca Anstiss states, "Since I started bulk production in 2014, I frequently go to my manufactures overseas to constantly verify my clothing are being produced in a healthy setting.

Being a professional surfer, Anstiss explains, "having ethically created clothes has been a long-term thing for me." "(Myraswim) is, in my opinion, 100% slow fashion." However, the company has now introduced reusable, multi-use clothes bags and eco-friendly shipping materials to make its shopping experience completely long-lasting.

Last but not least, Australia Post, which is a carbon-neutral option, is used for its national delivery. The Diego top and Aloe one piece, which are among its classics, are excellent choices for incorporating swimwear into your daily attire. The towelling trend is perfectly exemplified by its terrycloth Resort range.

21. Stay Wild Swim 

Natalie Glaze and Zanna van Dijk, co-founders of the London-based sports-luxe swimwear company Stay Wild Swim, frame their "buy less, buy better" philosophy with carefully crafted, block-colored one- and two-piece designs produced from recycled nylon.

The label's shipping is completely carbon neutral, tags and packaging are fully recyclable, and they are actively developing technology to turn used swimwear into new items. The company was also among the first in the UK to carry the GuppyFriend bag, which is made to stop microplastics from getting into the washing machine.

22. Seven Swim

Hannah Hayes introduced Seven Swim in 2016 with the goal of creating the best possible sustainable swimwear. Since then, the biggest names in fashion, like Kim Kardashian, who has been spotted wearing the Blaze bottoms, have co-signed her products.

All of Seven Swim's solid-colored bikinis are constructed from the environmentally friendly Amni Soul-Eco fabric. This particular cloth naturally degrades far more quickly than conventional fabrics: it takes five years as opposed to decades or more. Additionally, it breaks down into harmless organic materials that can be safely released back into the environment.

Despite this, you shouldn't be concerned about how long your suit will last because disintegration only starts when the cloth is left untouched in the special circumstances of anaerobic landfills. Additionally, the Seven Swim factory is verified by PETA as being vegan and cruelty-free, and every item is mailed in compostable envelopes.

All of the excess production fabric scraps are turned into dog beds for shelters in Brazil, which is an appealing bonus. Additionally, the brand is entirely owned and run by women, adding to its allure. Even in its plant, all of the employees are women.

23. Fisch

Agnes Fischer, a Swedish designer who grew up in St. Barths, has always had a connection to the sea. She was so shocked by the coral reefs' rapid decline that she vowed to start an Italian premium sustainable swimsuit company using only materials recovered from fishing nets and garbage from the ocean.

Bold colours and prints with a nostalgic vibe are included in the collection, which can be worn anywhere from the beach to the bar. Additionally, 10% of earnings go to the Healthy Seas project, which is run by a group of volunteer divers who retrieve ghost nets from the ocean to be turned into the fabric Fisch utilises.

24. Talia Collins

The eponymous label was started by stylist and Vogue Paris alumna Talia Collins, and its signature style is Riviera chic. The sustainable swimwear line is intended for "women who care about their garments, where they originate from, and their afterlife" and features classic silhouettes and colorways.

The line is created with Econyl®, and 1% of every purchase supports the Healthy Seas campaign to rid our oceans of marine debris. Custom monogram embroidery can be used to personalise each item and make it even more unique.

25. VDM The Label

VDM's motto is to create clothes that "look good, feel good, and do good," and they surely live up to that. Allanah Rosenwald, its owner and founder, has always put the environment first, whether it be at her factory or the vast outdoors.

According to VDM, Rosenwald collaborates closely with our Indonesian producer to guarantee fair and ideal working conditions. Site for The Label. The packaging used by VDM is comprised of maize starch, which is completely biodegradable.

The company also employs gift cards, return slips, and computerised invoicing to use as little paper and plastic as feasible. Its solid colour suits are constructed of DNV GL-certified Econyl (each bikini uses around ten recycled plastic bottles), while its prints are manufactured from Repreve.

Plastic bottles and other recycled materials are used to make Repreve. However, its composition is more stable, and producing it requires 45% less energy, produces over 30% fewer glasshouse gases, and consumes 20% less water.

You can wear a single bikini piece twice because the majority of them are reversible and have adorable linings to cement the deal. Additionally, the cover-ups that complement it are produced from sustainably sourced 100 percent eco-rayon, which is created from wood cellulose cultivated in managed forests recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The pink paisley bikini's matching top and skirt make for a gorgeous coordinated set if you're looking for some summer style inspiration.

26. Duskii

Patreece Botheras, an Australian fashion designer, founded this environmentally aware line in October 2019. Elle Macpherson, Karlie Kloss, and Kendall Jenner have all been photographed wearing the sports-luxe items that contour and flatter the body.

Surfers, swimmers, divers, or sunbathers who can mix and match swimsuits and separates that are simultaneously light, warm, supple, and stretchy are the target audience for the high-performance activewear for the water. The entire line is made of Repreve, and all orders are shipped in shipping bags that are completely compostable and waste-free.

27. Rielli

Since founding her company in May 2019, entrepreneur Arielle Baril has been working to develop a sustainable swimsuit line that enables every woman to feel confident without harming the environment.

Using crinkled cloth, the zero-waste brand offers a small selection of contemporary styles. Since each item is manufactured specifically for each customer, there is no waste and the tiny business only makes what is required. Ordering asymmetric one-pieces and high-cut styles with Rio-inspired cuts to meet your measurements ensures a great fit every time.


With an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans each year, plastic pollution is one of the most significant environmental problems facing the earth right now. However, there are a variety of ways you can contribute to saving our seas, and a great place to start is by altering your purchasing practises.

Use the links provided in this post at your leisure! I sincerely hope I can assist you in locating the ideal line of eco-friendly swimwear!

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