Swimwear For Your Shape Guide

Swimwear should fit YOUR body, not the other way around.
But how do you choose what cut is right for you without trying to fit a mould the fashion industry dictates?
Ample or a handful?
Tall or petite?
Muffin top or straight up and down?
Scars or war wounds?

Get ‘em all ready for your jelly. 
Find your perfect swimwear fit right here:
I’ve been designing swimwear for 9 or so years and the one thing that women ALWAYS ask me is “ how do you know which swimwear styles suit your shape?” In the past body shapes have been described using all different types of labels, but fruit seems to be the most popular choice… are you an apple, a pear… a banana?!? Seriously, a banana? 
The problem with those types of labels is that very rarely do we fully identify with being “one shape” because each and every one of us is different and our bodies are constantly changing. Plus, I’ve never, ever, ever seen anyone who looks like a banana. 
I put this swimwear for your shape guide together as a quick reference, to help you identify which of these shapes you connect with. 
It’s a short and sweet introduction to what “works” for you. I say “works” because most women want to flatter their shapes.
Some want to conceal, some want to enhance what they have. 
Some don’t give AF about what flatters and if that’s you, then you probably should just head straight to the shopping cart and buy whatever catches your eye. 


swimwear for your shape boobs 

Finding the right swimsuit for your bust can be a challenge. there are a number of options including straps, underwires, cups and ties. Let’s take a look at a few common body shapes and some possible solutions…


There are a few options here for our smaller chested sisters and illusion is the key. Of course, you can opt for padding/inserts etc however if you would prefer to work with what you have, then go for something that creates movement and shape near your bust. Frills, flounces, and ruffles are the perfect optical illusion to create a bigger bust.


Tip: Tapered straps and other detailing can create the
illusion of a bigger bust.



Knowing how to enhance your ample bust so you can feel confident that they won’t be making a surprise appearance is an important part of feeling confident. We have a few styles which work well for big busts. Rash Guards and surf suits are a great cover up for active bods, layer over a bikini top and go forth and paddle, scuba, freestyle and frolic.


Wider straps and underwires can help lift and support big boobs and racer style tops and crop tops with toggles can minimise big busts. The great thing about a big bust is that is draws attention away from other areas so make the most of whatcha mamma gave ya!



If your shoulders are wider than your hips and you think you look like an Olympic swimmer in swimwear there are a few easy options to inject some soft lines and curves into your shape.

Firstly, avoid bandeaus, halters or anything strapless that goes right across your front.

Anything with a deep Asymmetrical line will work for you as it draws the eye down. Colour wise, keep it neutral and opt for some colour on your bottom half.



Yes, I said it.

Remember in the intro I talked about uncomfortable underwear and digging in? With thin straps, straps that don’t adjust and thin back bands, you want a minimum of 3-4 cm of fabric, across the back (unless you are Giselle or Elle) for the most flattering, smoothing appearance.


swimwear for your shape tummy

Probably the most feared (self imposed) part of the female form and for no real good reason. The torso is often identified as a “problem area” by lots of our customers, but the good news is, it’s an easy fix.



It’s all about the illusion here. Camouflaging a tum is actually much much easier than most people think. The first step is to look for a one piece swimsuit with a plunging neck or some type of feature up top (mesh, embellishments, knots, prints etc) which draws the attention up. The second option is to look for something like touching on the sides or panels of dark solid colours which gives you a nice silhouette.

The key here is to get over the fact you are wearing a one piece.
Who cares. We love them and wish more women would embrace them.


Possibly the easiest fix of them all. High and Mid Waisted bikini bottoms are the one stop shop for this body shape. Depending on how long your torso is, you may need to go for a high waisted bottom that sit just below or above your belly button.



So, you have a scar. Maybe it’s a smiley face on your torso or maybe it’s down the length of your spine. Scars are stories, they are a part of who you are (I have several and even one on my face so I can speak to this with some level of authority) The thing about scars is, nobody really cares about them as much as you do. In most cases people will see them and see past them immediately.

If you absolutely cannot deal with showing them in public, a surf suit or rash guard are the perfect chic cover up

Tip: Some scars can be sensitive to sunlight so remember to slip, slop, slap.



A pregnant lady in a swimsuit.!!!!
I mean, what is the world coming to!?!
Are things that should never be said. Ever.

Embrace your bump mums to be! It’s a super amazing time (not to mention you are like your own personal flotation device) Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a swimsuit when pregnant: Accessibility, getting in and out has to be easy, especially for bathroom breaks. Also, keep in mind any restrictive elastics around the waist and near your boobs.

Go for comfort and get your float on.


swimwear for your shape bums and bootys


A case for seamless: seamless styles are the most flattering due to the close fit without the diggy-in elastic.
Think about how you feel when you are wearing underwear. Tight underwear that digs in tends to make you feel uncomfortable and also tends to make your clothes look not so great either, same applies to swimwear.
Smooth lines flatter.
Seamless Swimwear is your friend.



Like the small boob situation up top, the flat butt can be easily managed with some frills, rouching, cheeky cuts and a super vibrant print. Lots of colour and movement will have you shakin’ that thing like J Lo.

Tip: Ruffles and prints add shape and volume to a flat booty



If there is one thing we can thank the Kardashians for its for bringing back the booty! Big butts are back and they can look amazing in swimwear so look for flattering cuts (avoid strings and Brazilian cuts as they tend to get “lost” and opt for full brief/bum cuts in solid and dark colours and prints.


Also known as “athletic” your build is lean and compact. Create curves with padding, underwires, rouching, frills and mesh and take it to the next level with super girly florals in brights and pastels. Avoid minimisers and crop tops as they tend to enhance athletic frames.

Tip: Create curves in an instant with rouching, small prints and high waists.


Hey shorty, stay away from boy leg briefs ok? They cut your legs right off. Go for a higher cut leg (bikini cut is fine, no need to go crazy high cut supermodel in the 90’s high) just not a boy leg ok?
Got it? Good.


 swimwear for your shape tips


Growing up in Australia in the 80’s we knew nothing of sun damage and how bad UV rays can be for your skin. if melanoma doesn’t turn you off tanning I don’t know what will.

I do know that women who make smart choices and cover up look less like handbags later in life. It’s never too late to start being more sun smart so start today.

Our range of long sleeve surf suits and rash guards will protect you more than any high factor sunscreen will. Our beach leggings are perfect for lady sliders and snorkelers or anyone who wants to stay on the beach with almost zero risk of exposure to harmful UV rays.



The awesome thing about cellulite is that it does not discriminate. Tall, short, lean, curvy, black, white and Asian. We are all prone to it. I’m not going to go into the science of it or why some people get it and others don’t but here’s some advice to deal with this total pain in the ass.

Body Scrubs, fake tan or Body Oils and not giving AF.
This is my proven # 1  method of cellulite reduction.

Also, it’s cheap.


Tip: Make yourself up a coconut oil and caffeine rich body scrub it really does help invigorate the skin. Finish it off with a skin firming moisturiser and a good gradual fake tan and you’re good to go.

Not a fan of fake tans? No problem, use a luxurious body oil with a light sheen for an instant glow


swimwear for your shape- how to accessories

Accessories! hats, sunglasses, cover ups, bling! just like a regular outfit it’s important to complete the look to extract the maximum fabulousness.


Visors, floppy, Panamas. There are so many options for stylish sunsmart hats these days there really is no excuse not to throw one on as you flop in a sun lounge with a trashy holiday read.



Make a statement with a head scarf. How fabulous do they look?
Instantly add an air of mystery to any look.



Big and Dark? Clear and Mirrored?
Whatever your preference there’s a pair of sunglasses out there to complete any and every outfit, just ask Elton John. Pair your sunglasses with your look, perfect for protecting your eyes and for hiding behind when eavesdropping on poolside gossip.



Make a statement with earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings.
Go for kitch with big chunky resin pieces or tone it down with a fine silver or gold. Just remember to leave the family jewels at home, losing your diamonds in the sand is not fun!



The right cover up can be worn as an outfit in a pinch when on holidays. Pick a vibrant print or a simple classic crisp white cover up and accessories with colour.



Simple black or tan leather sandals are timeless and can be thrown in a suitcase and worn for an entire vacation. Switch it up with some metallic slides for evening bling. Espadrilles are the perfect casual shoe that are made for sightseeing and sunset cocktails.



Beach Bags: Essential to cart the seemingly endless amounts of reading material, sunscreen, snacks and water bottles around. The bigger the better we say!



Nothing says “holiday mode” more than a fruity cocktail. Sip your afternoons away with a good book, good company and a great view.