Ethical & Eco Swimwear Brands If You're Searching For The Perfect Fit

Ethical & Eco Swimwear Brands If You're Searching For The Perfect Fit

Swimwear shopping can be difficult. This is because there are so many brands on the market to choose from, and not all of them offer swimsuits that fit your body type. But if you're looking for ethical and eco-friendly swimwear brands, we've got you covered! 

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and cool off during the summertime. If you're looking for swimwear that fits your body type, is high quality, and is eco-friendly, we've compiled a list of brands below. 

Swimwear is a very important part of summer. It's the time to show off your perfect bikini body and enjoy some fun in the sun with friends and family! 

However, it can be difficult to find swimsuits that are both stylish and ethical. Here are some great brands that offer sustainable and eco-friendly options for any woman on the hunt for a new suit this season!

Finding the right swimwear for you can be tricky, but it's easier to find a perfect fit with these ten ethical brands out there. 

There are eco-friendly options that look stylish and chic or more modest styles if you're looking for something less revealing. So whether you prefer bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis or halter tops - we've got your style covered!

We've created a list of some of our favourite sustainable swimsuit brands below--including some famous names to help you find the perfect fit for your next beach outing.  

So next time you need new bikinis or tankinis (or just want to show off that summer bod!), consider shopping at one of these sustainable clothing retailers instead!

Do you love the idea of baring it all in a bikini but feel like there's nothing on the market for your body? We've done some research and found ethical & eco-friendly swimwear brands that offer sizes up to 3XL. 

Plus, size women are often left out when shopping for swimsuits because they're not offered in many stores. So here are our favourite brands that will give you plenty to choose from - including suites with high waists or full coverage bottoms.

It can be difficult to find swimwear that is both ethical and eco-friendly. However, we've compiled a list of brands for you to shop from, so you can feel good about what you're wearing this summer! Whether it's one piece or two, there's something for everyone on this list.

What do you look for when shopping for a swimsuit? Do you have a particular brand in mind, or are you looking to try something new? Maybe your ideal suit is eco-friendly and made from sustainable fabrics. If so, we've found the perfect list of brands to guide your search!

This article features 27 eco-friendly swimwear brands that offer stylish options in sustainable fabric blends. 

All these companies use recycled materials and fabrics that are free from chlorine processing. In addition, they all manufacture their products locally with low environmental impacts. 

If this sounds like what you're searching for, then read on to learn more about each company's mission and style offerings!

Let's get started!

Sustainable Swimwear Explained

Hold up. What is eco-friendly swimwear? What’s wrong with regular bikinis?

Well, the biggie is that most swimsuits are made from plastic – specifically, nylon and polyester.

Aside from stretching out and pilling pretty quickly (especially in 100% polyester suits), these fabrics shed plastic microfibers when washed, which will eventually make their way into our oceans. No bueno.

Many eco-friendly swimwear brands use recycled post-consumer products like fishing nets and plastic bottles to make their swim fabric. 

And while microplastics are unavoidable unless you get a suit made of natural fibres, most ethical swimsuit brands include a care guide that walks you through how to wash your suits to prevent washing microplastics down your drain.

And then there's the production side of things. Fast fashion companies often make their swimsuits as quickly and cheaply as possible, without regard for worker conditions, production runoff, or final product quality.

Ethical bathing suits are made in responsible factories that minimize pollution in their process and pay their workers fairly.

Top Eco Swimwear Brands

Swimsuit shopping can be complicated; that’s why we want to help make inquiring about the brands’ ethics and size inclusivity a little bit simpler. 

With summer on the horizon, we're sharing our favourite eco-conscious swimwear and beach accessory brands that ascribe to ethical production practices. These versatile and ethical brands are making quite the splash from mix and match bikinis to one-piece and bodysuits.

It was quite the challenge to find cute, well-fitting, sustainable and ethical swimwear brands a few years back. 

Patagonia led the charge, and other conscientious brands have either evolved or sprung up to fill the gap in the affordable, sustainable swimwear market.

So how is the average eco-minded gal meant to navigate all the options?

Not to fear, I've rounded up a list of my 27 favourite sustainable swim brands to help you make a splash this summer (and the next, and the next…you get it) guilt-free!

1. Summersalt

  • Based In | St. Louis, MO
  • Ethics | Recycled textiles, reusable packaging, responsibly made
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, maternity
  • Price Range | Separates start at $45, one-pieces start at $95
  • Size Range | XS–2XL

Using over 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women and a patented TrueMeasure process, Summersalt offers the perfect fit when it comes to swimwear (take the Size + Style Finder quiz to view the best suits for your body). 

Made with recycled textiles that boast five times the strength and four times the compression of other swimwear, these two- and one-piece suits are fashionable, sustainable, and made-to-last. 

Oh, and they’re affordable—most less than $100. Summersalt’s swimwear is perfect for your body and your wallet.

2. Do Good Swimwear

  • Materials | ECONYL®
  • Price | $38-50
  • Sizes | XS-XL

Do Good Swimwear is a women’s surf collective offering eco, affordable & sustainably-made swimsuits. Not only are they accessible, but they give back to the planet, too! 

All swimsuits are made from recycled ocean waste such as fishnets, plastic bottles, etc. Also, with each purchase, a portion of profits are given to ocean conservation efforts. 

3. Reformation

  • Based In | Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethics | Sustainable & deadstock fabrics, eco-friendly manufacturing practices
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, beach bags & cover-ups
  • Price Range | Separates start at $58, one-pieces start at $98
  • Size Range | XS-XL

Reformation swimwear is made using a combination of deadstock, textiles made from renewable plant materials, and recycled or regenerated fabrics like ECONYL®. 

With an extensive swimwear line that includes one-pieces, high-rise bikini bottoms, fun prints, and more, this ethical fashion brand is the place to shop for all of your summer essentials. 

Plus, over 75 per cent of the management team are women or people from underrepresented populations. 

4. Samudra Swimwear

  • Materials | ECONYL®
  • Price | $50-101
  • Sizes | XS-XL

I can't get over how cute Samudra Swimwear's prints are! Not only are their swimsuits fun and colourful, but they are also reversible. 

Each swimsuit is ethically made in Spain, and they hold OEKO-TEX & GRS certifications. Plus, the leftover fabric is made into scrunchies or donated to fashion schools to avoid waste!

5. Sézane

  • Based In | Paris, France
  • Ethics | Ethical production, natural & sustainable materials, gives back via DEMAIN
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, accessories
  • Price Range | Separates start at $55, one-pieces start at $125
  • Size Range | 2–12

For chic and French-inspired swimwear, we love Sézane’s collection of bikinis and one-pieces. With timeless cuts and quality fabrics, these suits are designed with longevity in mind. 

Best yet, Sézane’s garments are made in audited factories in Tunisia and then shipped in recycled packaging to almost any country in the world. 

Learn more about Sézane’s sustainability practices and initiatives here.

6. Isla in Bloom

  • Materials | ECONYL®
  • Price | $80-95
  • Sizes | S-XXL

Beautiful travel destinations around the world inspire an Australian-made boutique swimwear label, Isla in Bloom

Their bold, lovely prints (made with recycled/eco-friendly inks) are designed by artists in Byron Bay, Australia, & every suit is made with regenerated Econyl®, nylon made from recycled plastic & ocean waste. 

Plus, everything is ethically made in Australia. 

7. Boden

  • Based In | London, UK
  • Ethics | ECONYL® regenerated nylon, transparent supply chain, fair wages, give back, eco-friendly packaging
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis, swim shorts, hats & beach bags, children's swimwear
  • Price Range | Separates start at $38, one-pieces start at $85
  • Size Range | XS-XL

For planet-friendly swimwear designed in the UK, Boden is our go-to shop. These stunning swimsuits (crafted in a process the brand calls 'swimwear alchemy') are made from ECONYL® regenerated fabric, including discarded fishing nets that are scooped from the ocean. 

You won't need to replace your bikini after only one season, either; Boden promises its suits will last, and the 365-day return policy (for exchange or credit) guarantees it. Internationally shipping options are also available!

8. Wolven

  • Materials | Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Price | $48-168
  • Sizes | XS-XL

Wolven probably has one of the most colourful collections of any swimwear line. Their prints are so vibrant and perfect for all your under the sun activities. 

I think it's great they have many different styles - from one-pieces to high-waisted bikini bottoms. 

Plus, all swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles! I’ve had one of their bathing suits for years and love it!

9. Vitamin A

  • Based In | Laguna Beach, CA
  • Ethics | Made in USA, recycled nylon, plant-based fabrics, water conservation efforts
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, beachwear, accessories
  • Price Range | Separates start at $84, one-pieces start at $185
  • Size Range | 4 (XS)–14

Founded, designed, and produced in California, Vitamin A swimwear is inspired by ‘70s beach glamour. 

The brand is leading the way with fabrics like EcoLux™, a superfine matte jersey, and stretch-ribbed EcoRib®, both of which are made from recycled nylon fibres. 

The prints are created, when possible, with water-reducing digital technology, and the packaging boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

10. Vivida lifestyle

  • Materials | Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Price | $54-129
  • Sizes | XS-L

If you’ve ever wished your bikini could handle a little more than just poolside lounging, Vivida Lifestyle bikinis solve for all kinds of adventurous swim and beach scenarios. 

Made of recycled plastic bottles, these swimsuits will stay while surfing, jumping in the waves, pool diving & more! Plus, the fabric has UPF 50+ protection and comfy yet supportive stretch! 

11. BOLD Swim

  • Based In | Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethics | Biodegradable, BIPOC-led brand, ethically made, carbon-neutral, gives back
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces
  • Price Range | Sets start at $145, one-pieces start at $165
  • Size Range | XS–XXXL

BOLD Swim is precisely what it sounds like: swimwear for the bold, unafraid, and unapologetic woman. With luxury fabric sourced from Brazil, these swimsuits are non-toxic, biodegradable, and UV protected. 

Moreover, the brand is exceptionally colourful and cute, with sizes up to XXXL. Heads will turn whether you're rocking the sun-soaked one-piece or the tie-dye bikini.

12. Kaylyn Gardner

  • Materials | Organic Cotton
  • Price | $50-120
  • Sizes | Custom Sizing Available 

This brand is rather special on this list because it is the only one that does not use any synthetics for its swimwear line. Instead, Kaylyn Gardner uses 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and it's naturally dyed with avocados. 

I've always loved the colour avocados made on fabric!  Every swimsuit is made-to-order, and they have custom sizing if your size is not shown.

13. Girlfriend Collective

  • Based In | Seattle, WA
  • Ethics | Recycled materials & packaging, circular initiatives, size-inclusive, ethically made in Vietnam
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, hats
  • Price Range | Separates start at $38, one-pieces start at $78
  • Size Range | XXS–6XL

The ever-popular Girlfriend Collective has won the Internet’s heart once again with the launch of its new swimwear collection. 

Including tops, bottoms, and one-pieces made from recycled fishing nets, this inclusive brand offers extended sizing, vibrant colours, and affordable prices. 

Learn more about how Girlfriend turns old plastics into new active- and swimwear!

14. Salomé

  • Materials | ECONYL®
  • Price | $50-95
  • Sizes | XS-XL

An awesome Black-owned sustainable swimwear brand you need to know, Salomé is creating swimwear that fits beautifully, celebrates bodies and empowers us. 

Women ethically produce all swimsuits in the founder's home country, Dominican Republic. Everything is made in small, limited quantities and runs out of recycled nylon.

15. Youswim

  • Based In | The UK
  • Ethics | Locally & ethically made in England, European-sourced materials, eco-friendly packaging
  • Product Range | One- and two-pieces
  • Price Range | £105
  • Size Range | US 2–14, UK/AUS 6–18

Seven sizes in one pair of Youswim? We know, but hear us out! Youswim simply doesn’t do sizes—the brand does uniquely simple styles instead (three to be exact). 

Find the fit you love most, choose one of the vibrant colours, and pay one price across all pieces. Each swimsuit is made with European-sourced materials and woven ethically in England. There's a reason Youswim is a hit all over Instagram!


  • Materials | Recycled Polyester
  • Price | $45-80
  • Sizes | XS-XXXL

I am so glad I found this brand because I’ve had several people ask for bathing suit tops for curvier chests. Well, here you go!! Lively has tops for A to DDD, and you can mix-and-match bottoms with ease. 

They are inspired by a mix of an active lifestyle and vintage vibes, and besides their mix-and-match bikinis, they have a few one-pieces!

17. TomboyX

  • Based In | Seattle, WA
  • Ethics | Sustainably harvested materials, eco-friendly & women-owned factories, living wages, size-inclusive
  • Product Range | Gender-neutral two-pieces, one-pieces, unisuits
  • Price Range | Separates start at $26.99, one-pieces start at $89
  • Size Range | XS–4XL

Don’t let the name fool you, TomboyX was created for “any girl or woman or person” who dresses and expresses themselves the way they please. 

TomboyX offers playfully patterned, gender-neutral tanks, halter tops, and racerbacks that can be paired with shorts of varying lengths if you're looking to break from the itty-bitty bikini mould. 

Or you can opt for a unisuit altogether. Whatever your pick, the swim selections are quick-drying, equipped with UPF sun protection, and made with OEKO-Tex certified fabrics.

18. Made Trade

  • Materials | Amni Soul Eco® Thread / CO2 Light Fabric, Deadstock Fabrics, ECONYL®, Repreve
  • Price | $45-225 
  • Sizes | XS-2XL

Made Trade is home to several brands that create sustainable swimsuits for every type of body. Many of their brands are woman-owned and full of different fibres to choose from. 

For example, the Amni Soul Eco® Thread used by BOLD Swim is so interesting because it's a biodegradable nylon fabric! 

19. Hackwith Design House

  • Based In | Saint Paul, MN
  • Ethics | Made in USA, made-to-order, size-inclusive
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces
  • Price Range | Separates start at $42, one-pieces start at $132
  • Size Range | XS to +4.5

Hackwith Design House has been a longtime favourite of The Good Trade because of its stunning wardrobe staples and handmade-to-order quality. 

The swimwear line, HDH Swim, features more of the brand's classic and timeless design. With stunning colour palettes and modest, well-fitting suits, a piece from this swimwear collection is a summer essential.

20. Prana

  • Materials | ECONYL®
  • Price | $45-100
  • Sizes | XXS-XXL

I love the bold colour trend, so many brands are doing this year. Prana has a ton of beautiful coloured swimsuits & lots of different styles. 

From matching sarongs to little shorts, you will be able to pair your beach outfit up nicely! Their Fair Trade Certified™ program has given back $400,000+ to 33,000+ workers worldwide!

21. Londre

  • Based In | Vancouver, Canada
  • Ethics | Sustainable textiles, biodegradable & reusable packaging, size-inclusive
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces
  • Price Range | Separates start at $49, one-pieces start at $98
  • Size Range | XS–5XXL

Londre was born when its co-founders became obsessed with creating the highest quality bodywear with the lowest impact. 

Now, the brand offers one-pieces that can be worn to the beach as easily as they can be paired with a blazer. But if you’re looking for something more classic (with a twist!), opt for the high-waisted bottoms and asymmetrical tops. 

Available in bright colours and patterns, the products are made from recycled materials, sourced from an OEKO-Tex certified factory, and made to withstand salt, sand, and sweat wear and tear. 

22. REI

  • Materials | ECONYL®, Recycled Polyester
  • Price | $45-100
  • Sizes | XXS-2XL

REI has a great curated collection of sustainable swimsuits from brands like prAna, Nani Swimwear and Patagonia. 

When it comes to outdoor shopping, REI is a company I trust much more than others. The brands they choose to curate typically have a much higher level of ethics!

23. Jessica Rey Swimwear

  • Based In | Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethics | Made in USA, recycled materials, ethically made
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, children’s swimwear, cover-ups, beach towels
  • Price Range | Separates start at $31,  one-pieces start at $108
  • Size Range | XS–1XL

Jessica Rey Swimwear designs swimwear pieces that are both modest and playful. Using luxe Italian fabrics, made from 100 per cent regenerated materials (like rescued fishnets), the designs are then cut and sewn in Los Angeles. 

Paying living wages in sweatshop-free factories, Jessica Rey is not only dedicated to ethical production and sourcing practices but to respecting its makers as much as it does the consumers. We love this brand's diverse swimwear options, like tankinis and swim dresses!

24. Kitty & Vibe

  • Materials | Recycled Polyester
  • Price | $46-95
  • Sizes | S-5XL

Kitty & Vibe carries swimwear that not only comes in super fun fabrics but is also available in a wide variety of fits, sizes, and styles, making it easier to find something that feels great on your body. 

The brand is in the process of transitioning its fabrics to more sustainable ones; currently, half of its suits are made from recycled polyester.

25. Patagonia

  • Based In | Ventura, CA
  • Ethics | Fair Trade certified collections, recycled fabrics, gives back
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces, rashguards, boardshorts
  • Price Range | Separates start at $59, one-pieces start at $149
  • Size Range | XXS–XXL

Patagonia's passion is equal parts activewear and ethics, so you can expect high-performance bikinis and boardshorts that are both stretchy and secure while also being made from fair trade recycled fabrics. 

Since 1985, Patagonia has pledged one per cent of its sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment, so you can feel good about your purchase, whether it's a reversible one-piece or a fast-drying full-sleeved rashguard.

26. Galamaar

  • Based In | Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethics | Made in the USA, sustainable & recycled materials, eco-packaging, ethically made
  • Product Range | Bikinis, one-pieces
  • Price Range | Separates start at $122, one-pieces start at $248
  • Size Range | XS-XL

Galamaar crafts classic swimwear from quality materials that boast long-lasting fit retention—making it the perfect investment piece to add to your summer and vacation wardrobes. 

The fabrics are waste-to-wear, meaning they're made from the nylon of discarded fishing nets that account for nearly 10 per cent of all ocean pollution. We swoon over Galamaar's comfort and elegant, clean lines!

27. Outerknown

  • Based In | Culver City, CA
  • Ethics | Eco-friendly & sustainable fabrics, Fair Trade Certified, ethically made
  • Product Range | Men’s trunks
  • Price Range | Starting at $68
  • Size Range | Men’s S–XL

It's probably no surprise that Outerknown, the sustainable clothing brand that makes men's swim trunks out of 100 per cent recycled fibres, was founded by 11-time World Surf League Champion Kelly Slater

He and designer John Moore joined forces to deliver apparel that reflects style, function, and values. Made with recycled polyester and recycled spandex in a Fair Trade Certified facility, you can catch a wave (or some zzz’s nearby) with these clean, modern designs.

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