Sustainable Swimwear: The BEST Ethical and Eco Swimsuits

This post is for you if you're sick of feeling bad about wearing brand-new, synthetic swimsuits that will wind up in the trash after only a few uses but can't afford pricey, eco-friendly suits.

Do you enjoy the way a bikini feels on you? Do you want to support a sustainable swimwear brand to benefit your body, the environment, and other people? If so, you should read this blog article! We'll look into some companies that provide eco-friendly and long-lasting swimwear.

There is a sustainable swimwear out there for every style. There are environmentally friendly alternatives to suit any need, whether you're looking for something elegant to highlight your contours or something more subdued! We'll walk you through the top manufacturers of swimwear with a conscience.

A recent and developing trend in the fashion industry is sustainable swimwear. People are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, which has encouraged many to look into sustainable alternatives like sustainable swimwear.

You can learn more about what comprises eco-friendly or ethical swimwear in this blog post, how it differs from ordinary suits, and where to get it! So continue reading to get all your sustainable clothes queries addressed!

Sustainable Swimwear: What Is It? Organic cotton or recycled polyester would be used to make eco-friendly or ethical bathing suits so that no hazardous chemicals that could contaminate water sources are present. Additionally, compared to synthetic fabrics, these materials have a more natural feel, which some people like.

The best selection of ethical, environmentally friendly, and sustainably produced swimwear is what we'd like to share with you.

They are created using recycled materials, which save waste and conserve resources. We want you to feel good about your purchases and know that you're doing your part to protect the environment by investing in long-lasting suits.

These businesses, to mention a few, use less chemicals in their textiles, reduce waste with packaging, invest in sustainability research to create new methods, and donate a portion of their earnings to charities that save the seas. Look at these fantastic brands!

Although we understand that you want to feel and look fantastic in your swimwear, did you know that the most ecologically friendly option for swimwear is also the most sustainable alternative? ethical choices, if they aren't already on your radar.

Companies who make ethical apparel take into account not only the rights of their employees but also the wellbeing of animals. Thankfully, there are some incredible eco-friendly swimwear companies out there that make it simple!

One of the most essential items of apparel for everybody to wear is a swimsuit. In addition to covering your private areas, it shields you from chlorine and damaging sun rays.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of this and buy shoddy suits that won't last them more than a season before they fade or wear out and can't be used again. We made our sustainable swimwear line for this reason.

The high-quality materials used to make the eco-friendly swimsuits ensure that they won't fade or degrade after just one summer spent in the water.

Additionally, there are a variety of looks for any taste, including bikinis, tankinis, halter tops, briefs, and more! Find your ideal suit today, and make a difference by going with a moral choice.

Let's get going!

Some Info About Fabrics

The two most widely used fabrics for swimsuits are nylon and polyester, both of which are made of plastic. Do you have any memories of microfibers? It covers every aspect of the issue with plastic fibres.

Does that imply that you will never again wear a swimsuit? Of course not; avoiding swimsuits because they are made of plastic would be ridiculous; but, this does not preclude you from making more informed decisions.

When it comes to swimwear, I prefer to choose environmentally friendly options such as recycled and sustainable fabrics, a variety of interesting colours and shapes, and ethical manufacture where the employees receive a decent income.

So here are some swimsuit companies that are ethical and ecological that you'll adore, along with some tips for buying. It goes without saying that the best choice is always to wear your existing swimsuits.

You can always mix and match your current wardrobe or buy a scarf or hat used to finish the look if you want to give it a little refresh.

1. Eco-Friendly Fabrics

As I already stated, virgin polyester or nylon is used to make the majority of swimwear. Unfortunately, this type of cloth is not only a waste of resources because it sheds micro-plastics into the water with each wash.

Thankfully, there are a number of cutting-edge, eco-friendly swim textiles available.

Nylon that has been recycled from pre- and post-consumer items is one of the greatest eco-friendly materials, and it is called ECONYL.

In a regeneration and purification process, waste materials including fishing nets, fabric remnants, and carpet flooring are used to create ECONYL.

The nylon is then treated and made into brand-new swimwear items.

Other recycled swimsuit materials exist, like REPREVE, which is created from recycled plastic bottles.

EcoLux, which is simply another name for recycled nylon fibres, is yet another substance.

You may get a yarn bathing suit or a Merino wool biodegradable one if you genuinely want to avoid plastic at all costs.

2. Quality Products

You should generally steer clear of companies who release new swimsuit collections virtually weekly.

To ensure the quality of their products, the majority of ethical and sustainable swimwear manufacturers will restrict the number of collections they release each year. Not to mention, fewer collections mean less waste of resources and less demand for raw materials in the production of the swimwear, keeping it sustainable.

A brand can pay more attention to detail and create long-lasting pieces when they aren't continually producing new collections, which allows you to wear them beyond one summer.

Additionally, fewer releases indicate that natural resources aren't being abused. Even so, it still requires a lot of energy and resources to produce the goods, even if they are manufactured from recycled materials.

Slow fashion is far more environmentally friendly and discourages overconsumption.

3. Ethical Production

Like you would with a shirt or pair of shoes, it's crucial to enquire about the manufacturing process of your swimwear. Contributes it to the maltreatment of manufacturing workers and bad environmental practises?

You should support companies who produce their products in an environmentally friendly manner. Even better, you should check to make sure the workers aren't being taken advantage of or paid meagre wages.

It's crucial to search for brands with transparency that guarantee their clothing is produced responsibly. Swimwear manufacture should ideally appreciate water, be local, use less energy, and encourage moral working conditions.

Best Sustainable Swimwear

Did you realise that plastic is used to make your swimsuit? Yes, the plastic harming the environment includes your favourite bikini.

Did you know that you may purchase environmentally friendly swimwear that is safe for the environment?

Today, it's much simpler for beachgoers to purchase eco-friendly swimwear because to the abundance of fantastic eco-friendly swimwear manufacturers. These companies provide fashionable green substitutes.

The top sustainable swimwear companies are listed below for your consideration. Our ranking takes into account size and price range diversity.


Reformation, a Los Angeles-based company, offers a variety of gorgeous swimwear for women, including bikinis, one-pieces, and beach bags.

Reformation produces its swimsuits using environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques. To make swimsuits, the company employs ECONYL fabric and deadstock materials that would otherwise go to landfills.

What distinguishes this company are the patterns on the swimsuits. The collection features gorgeous wallpaper florals, tie-dye, and leopard prints.


    In New York City, Summersalt swimwear is produced responsibly utilising recycled materials. The price of this premium swimwear, which retails for less than $100, is unexpectedly reasonable and incredibly flattering. Both your pocketbook and your body will love this brand.

    Swimwear from Summersalt boasts five times the strength and four times the compression of competing brands.

    There are various distinctive styles, designs, and cuts available for the swimwear. Everything you can think of is available, including one-pieces, coverups, and bikinis. Even pregnancy bathing suits are available!

    Summersalt used a patented TrueMeasure process to collect over 1.5 million measurements from 10,000 women to make it simpler for you to get the ideal fit. To determine which size best fits your physique, simply take the Style + Size Finder quiz.

    Vitamin A

      This is a California-based American company. Modern art and travel serve as the inspiration for Vitamin A swimwear.

      EcoLuxTM, a superfine matte jersey swim fabric developed from a combination of LYCRA XTRA LIFE® and recycled nylon fibre, is the fabric used to create Vitamin A swimwear. Compared to swimsuits made of spandex, this combination makes them endure longer. Therefore, you will continue to wear your Vitamin A bathing suit.

      Using waterless digital technology, the prints of Vitamin A swimwear are produced in facilities that employ cutting-edge strategies to conserve vital resources like electricity and water.


      • Women and men’s swimwear
      • 78% ECONYL and 22% LYCRA
      • 100% recycled paper labelling tags
      • Made in Fair Trade Certified Factories
      • Thoughtful packaging

      With good reason, prAna is a pioneer in the sustainable swimwear industry. They use ECONYL, a sustainable fabric made from recycled nylon, to create their eco-friendly swimwear.

      Women who are active especially love prAna's swimwear. The swimwear from prAna features prints in traditional, athletic, and novelty styles in an on-trend colour palette.


        Shopping for eco-friendly men's swim trunks is rather simple with Outerknown. The company sells a variety of men's swim trunks that are all created ethically.

        A natural, renewable, and biodegradable fabric, 100% Australian Merino wool is used in the brand's trunks.

        Additionally, they sell trunks made of 100% ECONYL and 86% recycled polyester (recycled nylon made from reclaimed fishing nets and other waste).

        These eco-friendly trunks for men are available in a variety of designs, hues, and sizes.

        Mara Hoffman

        REPREVE recycled materials are used across the whole Mara Hoffman collection of eco-friendly swimwear. This fabric is created entirely from recycled plastic. When making their swimwear, REPREVE avoids the utilisation of new carbon emissions.

        Mara Hoffman's line is more expensive than other brands, but it is built to last for many years. You'll adore their recognisable swimsuits with bold prints in vibrant colours and high-waisted bikini briefs.


        Seea’s sustainable swimwear collection is created in California using a variety of recycled fabrics (80% recycled polyester, 20% spandex).

        The gorgeous Seea swimwear comes in designs that will meet the needs of active sun lovers who love vintage apparel.

        To further their goal of sustainability, prAna's fair trade swimwear is crafted by skilled seamstresses who are fairly paid.

          Alyned Together

          One of the eco-friendly swimwear companies that makes clothing for all body types and sizes is Alyned Together. Their assortment is available in sizes XS to 3X and is reasonably priced.

          The swimsuits are made of 80–90% upcycled recycled polyester. The business is also investigating ways to enhance the recycled polyester fabric to create an even more environmentally friendly product for upcoming collections.

            Davy J

            Davy J designed their swimwear with performance in mind. One-pieces and bikinis from this brand are stylish, durable, and functional. The swimwear is constructed from strong double-faced recycled nylon.

            Each Davy J swimwear style is ageless and must be changed out every season to reduce rapid fashion.


              A classic Parisian company called Sézane makes high-end denim in addition to ethical swimwear. The company also has locations in London and New York.

              Because of its strong commitment to sustainability, Sézane adheres to strict ethical manufacturing standards, uses sustainable materials in the production of its swimwear, and uses environmentally friendly packaging.

              These gorgeous, eco-friendly swimming suits with adjustable straps and an inside lining.


                In order to promote inclusion, OOKIOH makes swimwear that fits all body types. The company is committed to sustainability and aims to eradicate all plastic from its operations within the next two years.

                Ocean trash that has been repurposed and new materials have been used to create the full OOKIOH collection. The business creates opulent fabrics from of ocean debris like pre-consumer garbage and sunken fishing nets. So you may feel good knowing you're supporting the environment when you purchase an OOKIOH's swimwear.

                Don't be duped by the company's usage of recycled materials. Its swimsuits are stunning items that combine California relaxation with modern classics and a dash of nostalgia. Purchase one right away—you'll love it!


                  A range of supportive, comfy swimwear by SWIMINISTA is crafted from high-end recycled Italian textiles.

                  To ensure that their swimsuits fit any type of body, SWIMINISTA suits are available in adjustable, customizable fits in sizes A-DD.

                  The swimsuit is flexible, sensual, ultra-chic, supporting, and comfy. Even better, they advocate for the abolition of plastics globally! So, order a pair right away!


                    One company that supports zero waste in the apparel sector is Alohas. It produces eco-friendly swimwear in that range using recycled Econyl nylon.

                    Their swimwear comes in a variety of one-piece and bikini designs. These are available in a wide range of patterns and colours, including classic hues.

                    Alohas swimwear is undoubtedly safe for your skin and healthy for the environment. Purchase some now.

                    Replace your outdated swimsuits with this classic, environmentally friendly swimwear that is not just long-lasting but also stylish.

                    Keep in mind that even a simple action, like purchasing eco-friendly bathing suits, can make a big difference in the fight against hazardous plastic pollution.


                      A company that truly lives and breathes the vast outdoors is Patagonia. This reversible sustainable bikini surf top, which comes in a variety of colours, has exquisite straps in the back and ruching at the bust to give it a lovely appearance while providing all-day support.

                      Patagonia employs recycled polyester rather than virgin polyester and upholds strict labour laws. Additionally, it has promised to cut back on energy use and emissions. The entire series is available in sizes XS to XL.

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