Sexy & Sustainable Swimwear Alternatives To Fast Fashion

Since the popularity of fast fashion has increased, the discourse around sustainable fashion has grown, and it is fairly simple to understand why. But sadly, the fast fashion sector is highly brutal and exploitative to individuals who work there, as well as exceedingly awful for the environment.

As more people become aware of this problem, they search for viable solutions without sacrificing their sense of identity or flair. This article will explore several fantastic substitute products that you can choose from.

Anyone looking to purchase swimwear that will last should read this blog. I'll examine the big clothing companies' sustainable offerings, offer some advice on how to shop more ethically.

The first thing you should be aware of is that swimwear is no longer just a seasonal item! Don't feel like you need to save up all your money to find something cute for this weekend because it can be worn all year.

Take advantage of the fantastic discounts on inexpensive bikinis and tankinis that are currently being offered by a tonne of retailers while they last! Online shopping has its advantages as well. For example, the majority of websites offer reviews or images of the products before you buy them, which can help you determine whether or not you like the item.

There are a lot of resources being squandered! This is where eco-friendly clothing comes into play. The key to sustainable fashion is investing in durable clothing that will help us lessen our influence on the environment. I'm going to share several with you today, and you might be shocked to learn that there are lots of seductive swimwear alternatives to fast fashion available.

We're all accountable for it. We visit the store, spot a trendy item of apparel that we adore, and purchase it without giving the amount of waste that will be produced or where our money will be spent any second thought. But there are so many eco-friendly substitutes available! Do you wish to be aware of their nature? Continue reading

Do you enjoy the summer but detest the thought of paying so much for swimwear? It's time to alter your perspective! There are seductive, environmentally friendly alternatives to fast fashion that will keep you feeling and looking amazing. Here are some suggestions for finding reasonably priced beachwear without falling for shady sales tactics.

This summer, do you want to look attractive at the beach without adding to the destruction of the environment? It's not just you. A supply of inexpensive clothing that ends up in landfills and pollutes our environment has been produced by the need for quick fashion. But before you completely swear off wearing swimsuits, we've got you covered.

These attractive swimwear alternatives to rapid fashion eliminate the need for further fast fashion purchases!

Whether you're shopping for stylish clothing for your upcoming vacation or wanting to upcycle your old garments into new bikinis, you can find an eco-friendly option in nearly every colour, style, and price range. If you want to discover more, keep reading!

How often have you entered a store and discovered a cute bathing suit that would look wonderful on you but was too expensive? Then, due of the cost, you return home and put it out of your mind. What if, however, I told you that there are some more reasonably priced options to fast fashion?

Let's get going!

Sexy & Sustainable Swimwear

Who says you can't combine the two? Raise your hand if you've ever bought a swimsuit from a fast-fashion store only to find that it stretched out, faded, or snagged after a few uses.

I've bought several inexpensive bikinis because I enjoy looking chic by the pool, but they were never durable enough to withstand repeated exposure to the sun, chlorine, or saltwater. The attractive and environmentally friendly alternatives to fast fashion are listed below if you need a new swimsuit for the summer but also wish to practise sustainability.

The eco-friendly swimwear brands listed here are evidence that you can look great in a high-waisted bikini or one-piece while also doing good for the environment. So you can now tell others all about it when you get comments on your beach body!

(Of course, despite the fact that more and more people are receiving vaccinations, a pandemic is still ongoing. Therefore, if you DO go to a pool or beach this summer, follow the CDC recommendations, wear a mask, and keep your distance from other people. Just a friendly reminder, please!)

1. Baiia 

Baiia is well known for its eco-friendly wrap suits. These elegant, long-lasting swimsuits may be worn in two different ways thanks to a useful waist tie.

You may wear this one swimsuit in a variety of ways, giving you numerous outfits for the cost and production of just one. Additionally, their supporting fabric employs recycled nylon, has ethical manufacturing procedures, and provides bust control for cup sizes A to H. What more could a girl want?

Fishnets, carpets, plastic bottles, and fabrics are just a few examples of the post-consumer and industrial waste from which they acquire all of their materials. They also have Oeko-Tex certification to guarantee that no dangerous materials were used in the production of their high-quality recycled fabrics.

Production | All of Baiia's swimwear is cut and sewn in China by a company that supports the brand's commitment to social responsibility and environmental awareness. Because they are not compensated depending on the quantity created, their seamstresses are encouraged to take their time with each garnet.

2. Coral Secret

This very stylish multi-brand company is situated in Singapore and only sells products from ethical manufacturers. The company only uses natural and eco-friendly fibres for their resort clothing and accessories. Additionally, its hat and bag designs are one of a kind, handmade, and azo-free eco-friendly vegetable dye.

Additionally, it protects the traditional skills of its artists, whose creations are influenced by the research of the fusion of eastern and western traditions. You can be absolutely certain that no one else will surpass you as a result of this.

3. Reformation

Swimwear that is environmentally friendly and on-trend may be found at Reformation. They have it, whether you love smocking or animal print.

When compared to a traditional fashion company, they produce their suits using eco-friendly materials and methods that reduce waste, water use, and carbon emissions.

Material | Made of 22% Elastane and 78% ECONYL Regenerated Nylon. The 100% nylon trash that goes into ECONYL Regenerated Nylon includes scraps of fabric, carpet fibre, and fishing nets that have been diverted from landfills or the ocean.

In addition, ECONYL Regenerated Nylon is Oeko-Tex certified, indicating that no harmful chemicals were used in the fabric's dyeing process.

Production | They provide their manufacturing workforce with fair, secure, and healthy working conditions. Their factories in Los Angeles are used to cut and sew more than 60% of their products.

4. Deakin and Blue

Deakin and Blue have received recognition for their dedication to sustainability and for being a body-positive business with a goal of transforming the appearance and self-confidence of women of all sizes and shapes.

Every bikini and swimsuit comes in three various shapes based on bust size and body shape, ranging from size 8 to 20 and AA to HH. Every cloth utilised in their designs is produced with recycled ocean trash. Even better, they provide repairs for all things, encouraging more enduring purchasing practises.

5. Ubu Swimwear

Ubu creates swimwear that is both contemporary and timeless, and it is made from opulent Italian eco-friendly fabric.

It offers the greatest UV protection rating (UPF 50+), is more resistant to chlorine, sun creams, and oils than alternatives, and never compromises on appearance or feel (they are soooo soft).

Swimsuits are built to last for seasons to come, and many styles are available in reversible prints. Bikinis can be mixed and matched.

Additionally, it offers trendy Turkish towels that can be used for a variety of purposes, as well as organic bikini wash, a liquid soap that is all-natural, eco-friendly, delicious-smelling, and reasonably priced for swimwear and delicates.

6. Ohoy

Brigit Bardot and Cindy Crawford, two bombshells, served as the inspiration for Ohoy's most recent collection. Their range features lovely hues inspired by nature and is made of Econyl. Ohoy swimwear will make you feel like an eco-warrior and look like a Bond girl.

100% ECONYL® yarn, including fishing nets gathered from the ocean, is used to create each piece. One percent of OHOY sales is donated to help volunteer divers recover nets.

7. Novah Swimwear

Fabric + Shipping | Constructed from recycled and environmentally friendly materials, such nylon. They use abandoned textiles as their source fabric, which they rescue, clean, revitalise, and recycle. Novah chooses to package her outfits in recycled mailers and tissue paper packing rather than plastic packaging.

Production | A tiny, family-run business in Europe that upholds high standards for ethics, working conditions, and environmental responsibility cuts and sews their items.


The brand wants to completely get rid of plastics from its footprint in two years. I adore seeing it! Various colours, like yellow, orange, lime green, and this gorgeous red, are also available for the suits.

9. August Society

A fun-loving company called August Society creates bikinis from recycled waste plastic that would have otherwise ended up in the ocean or, worse, a landfill. It gathered waste plastic that was processed into raw material, spun into yarns, and then transformed into a fabric.

The magic takes place in a plant in Bali that pays and treats its workers well (twice more than the minimum, in fact). Every item so embodies the carefree joie de vivre that gives the brand its spirit.

10. Ocean Positive by Fourth Element

Wetsuits, swimwear, and bikinis in tropically themed hues and patterns are available in the line.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything Fourth Element does, including their goods, packaging, and business methods. Fourth Element creates its clothing using recycled nylon from ghost fishing nets. The product line is produced in Mexico by a small, family-run company.

11. Solid & Striped

You can buy adorable suits (like this tropical one-shoulder version!) that employ recycled materials and minimise the carbon footprint of fabric production by an astounding 80% at the popular swimwear brand Solid & Striped.

12. Amara Tulum

Amara Tulum promotes a way of life characterised by freedom and plenty, as well as turquoise seas, freshwater cenotes, pink rivers, and blue lagoons. This is evident in the resort's swimsuit designs, which promote a conscious way of life.

Its goal is to demonstrate how to create more out of less from conception to completion, starting with minimising its environmental impact without sacrificing luxury or beauty.

It makes use of clever ideas to produce endless alternatives within the collections that promote uniqueness and style without endangering the environment. It comes from fishing nets that were found in our oceans. It is milled in a place that aims to lessen pollution, save open spaces, conserve water, and keep an eye on emissions.

Fabric | Their Italian-made suits are made of LYCRA® XTRA LIFETM and ECONYL (regenerated nylon) (durable elastic).

Production | All of their cloth is made in a facility that aims to minimise pollution, save natural areas, and keep an eye on emissions.

Based in Tulum, Mexico, Amara promises to help the neighbourhood by employing local craftspeople to make the clothing and providing seamstresses reasonable salaries.

13. Rimmba

Rimmba doesn't want their clothing to wind up in a landfill when they produce it. Durable swimsuits that are resistant to chlorine, UV rays, and sunscreen are produced using the high-end material Carvico Vita.

If your Rimmba bikini isn't receiving as much attention as it once did, don't worry. To find out how to transform your soft suit into an Once Loved Clothes Pillow Case, simply visit their Instagram!

14. Stay Wild Swim

All of the swimsuits produced by the women-owned company Stay Wild Swim are constructed from recycled ocean plastic in accordance with the strictest environmental regulations. All of its product parts, including the tags, are recyclable and recycled, and its suits are manufactured of econyl.

15. allSisters

One of the city of Barcelona's most intriguing undertakings. For many years, AllSisters has served as a benchmark in the production of eco-friendly bikinis and swimwear. It is a company that sells just things for women, and all of their products are made from high-quality recycled materials.

Fabric | Made from recycled fabrics that have been certified by OEKO-TEX® to ensure that no dangerous compounds were utilised in the creation of the materials or leaked into the environment.

Production | allSisters lays importance on protecting the environment and using ethical factories to make their clothing.

16. Mara Hoffman

A company that excels in the materials it chooses and the manufacturing techniques it uses to create its swimsuits. All of them are made in the United States under fair trade practises using recycled nylon and polyester.

Mara Hoffman is renowned for both her striking prints and her commitment to sustainability. Its entire production process takes into account the effects on people and the environment in order to develop improvements.

Mara Hoffman's swimwear collection has cheery hues and attractive cuts. They make their swimsuits out of two distinct materials.

Their textured swimwear is manufactured using Repreve, a recycled plastic polyester fibre made from recycled water bottles, and their solid swimwear is made with Econyl. Because Repreve consumes less water and energy during production, the styles it produces also have a lower carbon impact.

17. Follow Suit

A company called Follow Suit collaborates with a female-run factory in New York City. It ships its products in packaging that is recyclable and compostable. The textiles' digital printing uses less water and energy. I adore the colours in this lovely pattern.

18. Tropic Of C

The vibrant collection of swimwear from Candice Swanepoel is inspired by her own feelings about her swimsuits.

The simplicity and flair of the Brazilian swimsuit scene are combined with old-world European Elegance, and sustainability is also added! Each outfit comes in a biodegradable bag, and Econyl makes up half of the line.

You'll find an attractive and sustainable swimwear line that is influenced by vintage silhouettes with a modern approach within this really alluring swimwear collection created by Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel.

The few eponymous pieces from the brand use high cuts and subdued, neutral colours so they may be worn outside of the beach and still look decent.

Sustainability is at the heart of the collection, which was introduced this year. Fabrics manufactured from recycled nylon turn waste concerns into fashionable solutions.

Every step of the process uses eco-friendly techniques to reduce the environmental impact a little bit more.

Additionally, the packaging includes biodegradable plastic garment bags, "tree-free" stone paper packaging, and 100% recycled paper hang tags. The oceans can also be cleaned with $100 eco kits.

19. Fisch

Agnes Fischer spent her early years in the Caribbean snorkelling in coral reefs (Which sounds super idyllic). However, the picturesque setting has changed due to the coral reefs' current rapid demise and destruction.

In response, she began looking into eco-friendly materials for her bikini lines. She now makes use of Lombardy-woven Econyl. The proximity of the production facility—just two hours—helps them further reduce their carbon footprint.

Agnes Fischer, a Swedish fashion designer, uses Econyl, a recycled nylon fabric made from fishing nets, to create her swimwear. Her designs are inspired by the 1980s, and you can discover many cute prints like this wavy blue one here.

20. Londre

Sustainable textiles are used in the creation of Fabric | Londre's swimwear.

Production | Completely of the items' shipping packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, and they are all locally produced in Vancouver, British Columbia.

21. September

Trying to catch waves but having trouble finding eco-friendly surfwear? September offers a luxury recycled fabric produced from 100% recycled nylon yarn taken from fishing nets and carpet fibre to appeal to all the surfing gals out there.

Rash guards are available for purchase in addition to bikinis and one-pieces designed for vigourous movement and are excellent for keeping your skin protected while you wait for the next big wave.

22. Rielli

Due to the made-to-order nature of the Rielli swim label, unnecessary fabric waste from unsold inventory is prevented. Additionally, the smocked designs are really soft and come in a variety of various colours, including marigold, cobalt, and chocolate brown.

23. Jade Swim

All of Jade Swim's designs are produced in the US, and all employees are paid a decent wage. To reduce emissions, the company also works with local vendors and uses repurposed fabrics.

Swimwear that can be worn as a crop top or off-the-beach bodysuit. The fabrics are technical, opulent, and sustainable, and the styles are simple. They are ideal for any organised trip.

The suits are also exceptionally shaping because of form retention technology. Jade Swim creates their suits in LA after designing them in NYC. Both Econyl and deadstock fibres are employed.

24. Vitamin A

vibes from California. If you're seeking for that little bikini, this is the ideal swimwear line. With their own EcoLux recycled nylon fabric, they create and manufacture locally in California.

To prevent water waste, they digitally print their outfits. They also use tencel, linen, and organic cotton in their collections, among other eco-friendly fabrics.

Sustainable and ocean-friendly textiles mixed with sleek forms and vibrant colours. With regard to materials, packaging, and distribution, Vitamin A prioritises ethical business practises.

Vitamin A eco-friendly textiles including organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton, and Tencel® as well as sustainable high-performance materials.

Fabric | Vitamin A uses three different types of fabrics that are manufactured from recycled resources such recovered nylon, castor bean-based raw materials, and used plastic drink bottles. All textiles have received Oeko-Tex certification, which attests to their high standards for textile safety.

Production | All items are locally made in California at a facility that uses minimal energy, and all employees are treated fairly in accordance with US labour standards.

Lycra and recycled nylon never looked better together. It will be difficult to choose just one of Vitamin A's suits because they come in SO many hues and designs.

25. Batoko

Swimwear produced by Batoko is made entirely from recycled plastic trash that would have otherwise ended up in the environment's oceans or landfills. As a result, its swimwear is strong, light, and well covered.

So while having all sorts of adventures in them, there is no need to be concerned about any slippage. Even children's swimsuits that coordinate are available so you and your little environmentalist can twin!

26. Davy J 

These bikinis, which are "made to survive a dive," aren't just eye-catching; they were created with the active beach babe in mind. Swimwear from Davy J is long-lasting and produced entirely from recycled materials. Additionally, they intend to start a recycling programme to close the loop.

27. Slo Active 

Slo Active has a deep love for the ocean and slow fashion. They use 'Yulex Pure,' a plant-based substitute for the conventional petroleum-based neoprene that wetsuits are generally constructed from, to create their swimsuits.

Their collection is limited but excellent, and their timeless items are an investment that will last a lifetime.

28. Lemlem

Swimsuits with prints by Lemlem are ideal for the spring and summer. The company contributes to the success of local craftsmen all throughout Africa by empowering and hiring women in the continent's expanding textile and fashion sectors.

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