Ethical Swimwear To Make A Splash In (And Help Our Seas)

Do you want to make a stylish statement while also preserving our oceans? There are many ethical swimwear companies that have recently gained popularity. Continue reading for some useful advice on selecting the ideal suit.

People looking for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing frequently ask this question.

There is no lack of options these days, with a wide variety of styles and patterns easily accessible from a number of merchants or designers. However, it might be challenging for individuals who may be unfamiliar with this concept to know where to start, so we've included some helpful advice below!

Who says you can't be fashionable while caring about the environment? There are so many businesses manufacturing gorgeous swimwear that will improve your self-esteem and your outlook on life. This article is all about showcasing some of these incredible companies that are making eco-friendly products for consumers just like us! Let's start now.

Many people are unaware of the extent of the harm that one swimmer couple can cause to our oceans. When we choose inexpensive, quickly fading cloth or purchase a suit that contains toxic chemicals, we not only affect ourselves but also the environment. Swimwear should last for at least two seasons so that they can become worn out without seeming dated or shabby.

Did you realise that we use 10 plastic bags day on average? Every minute, that amounts to more than a million plastic bags. Therefore, we need to make some adjustments, beginning with what we wear.

Old fishing nets and other recycled materials can be used to make swimsuits, and the polyester in them will degrade in the sea, making them more environmentally friendly options. Continue reading to find out more about how swimwear may benefit not just your style but also our oceans!

People invest a lot of time and money into making their travel arrangements. Therefore, it makes sense to pick the beach that best meets your demands. Next, think about the type of swimsuit you feel comfortable donning in public.

Ethical swimwear can be the perfect choice for you if you're seeking for a green solution! It is created without hazardous chemicals or animal products, so if it is disposed of inappropriately, it won't affect the environment or other living things.

Additionally, by selecting this style of swimsuit, you're not only helping to maintain the quality of our oceans but also promoting sustainable development strategies in manufacturing towns around the globe and maintaining local jobs!

In recent years, the popularity of ethical swimwear has increased, creating a stir among customers. Get your hands on some eco-friendly swimwear now!

People are choosing clothing created without harsh chemicals and animal byproducts as they become more mindful of their influence on the environment. Additionally, eco-friendly textiles like hemp and bamboo are becoming popular. And it doesn't just stop with clothing; we've also seen eco-friendly towels and totes!

Although it may be challenging to find certain items in local stores, we make every effort to ensure that everything offered on our website is reasonably priced and environmentally safe. So ask one of us to assist you in finding the ideal clothing right now!

Let's get going!

Is All Swimwear Sustainable?

Swimwear has two key issues: how much there is of it and what materials it is constructed of.

Swimwear is not an exception to the current fast fashion and trend-based garment production issues.

In addition to the tonnes of unsold clothing that accumulate in people's closets, Wrap U.K. estimates that 350,000 tonnes of used (but wearable) clothing go straight to a landfill in the U.K. each year.

Although traditional swimwear includes textiles, our cheeky tiny bikinis are primarily made of plastic.

Because they are able to wick away moisture, stretch readily, and enable relatively inexpensive production, fabrics like nylon, polyester, and Lycra are frequently used by traditional swimwear manufacturers.

But as we all know, plastic can only break down; it has no other option.

Only 10% of the 65 tonnes of plastic materials that are produced year are recycled, according to estimates.

Where does the remaining material go if it cannot decompose? Sadly, it goes right into the oceans, landfills, and even our food chain (eek).

But the issue doesn't really begin with the material choice.

These fast fashion companies must make sure that their constantly shifting trend pieces have the shortest lifespan feasible in order to guarantee a speedy turnover.

That's why you probably threw away the inexpensive onesie you purchased a few summers ago because it was uncomfortable, falling apart, or—oh, dear God—you discovered it was see-through after only one or two wears.

Even among those handful that do endure, fashion changes so quickly that we feel tempted to replace our old suits with the newest ones we've seen on social media.

Cheap labour and quick production unfortunately lead to large CO2 emissions, which is bad for the environment and the economy, leave alone the health of underpaid and overworked workers.

Thankfully, we're not the only ones suffering from quick fashion.

The ethical swimwear manufacturers listed below are doing their part to question industry standards and benefit the environment.

What Is Sustainable Swimwear?

On this, various viewpoints exist.

When looking for eco-friendly swimwear, you should take into account:

  • what it’s made of
  • how it’s made
  • how many suits the business produces annually

The majority of individuals would respond without hesitation that it would involve natural materials like hemp or organic cotton. But here's the thing: 100% organic cotton or hemp swimsuits soak up water, droop, and may even fall off your body.

more so if you're swimming! You'll need some sort of synthetic, like nylon or elastic, if you want your suit to maintain its shape and stay on your body.

What is the greenest way to acquire those materials, then? of course by recycling! The sole issue? These materials DO shed little plastic particles when they are washed. We won't argue against that.

However, the sad truth is that most recycled plastic becomes a product that is rarely used. Consider packing or plastic bags. After all that work, the recycled plastic is simply discarded after usage.

Therefore, we think it's a great idea to make something far more durable out of discarded synthetic materials. similar to...swimwear!

All ethical swimwear companies agree that the secret to producing stylish, long-lasting swimwear is to ensure that it is made in an ethical manner.

They accomplish this by obtaining various natural resources or recycling plastics that are already present in the world (of which there are around 8 billion tonnes on the planet).

One-tenth of the estimated 1.4 billion tonnes of rubbish that enters our oceans each year is thought to be fishing nets that have been abandoned. Plastic makes up a large portion of this waste.

Numerous of these ethical swimwear companies use ocean plastic as their primary (or even only!) component.

The polymers are processed, cleaned, and broken down into flakes that may be used to make ECONYL thread, which is really softer and more stable than Lycra.

Normal production then follows. But these brands are admirable for other reasons as well.

They take special care to create durable items because the longer you have your new suit, the less of it will wind up in a landfill.

They use design to create timeless products that won't date after just one season, in addition to minimising and (doing their best to) reverse plastic waste.

From Waste To Wow

Thankfully, there are many fashionable, sexy firms out there today that provide chic, sexy eco-friendly swimwear for all body types using recycled plastic bottles as well as nylon fishing nets, carpets, and other recyclable materials.

In order to provide affordable eco-friendly swimwear to the general public, these manufacturers are assisting in ocean cleanup (many actually recycle ocean garbage in their designs).

Here, I've chosen some of the greatest sustainable swimwear alternatives for any beach vacation, any time, and anywhere, ranging from the teeniest, weeniest bikinis to attire that is a little bit more modest. Grab your SPF and basket bag now, and take advantage of the beautiful weather!

20+ Ethical Swimwear

These swimwear brands will make you feel good about your environmental impact while making you look stunningly attractive.

These companies serve as another evidence of the global trend towards lovely, ethical fashion that is currently sweeping the globe.

Who would have imagined that repurposed trash could be so appealing?

1. Reformation

Our favourite clothing company has introduced a range of environmentally friendly swimwear, and the greatest part? It is designed with various body types in mind, in fact!

These gorgeous, incredibly unique swimsuits are made mostly from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is primarily made from recycled fishing nets and carpets. They are available in a wide range of totally current shapes and patterns.

Why we love it: This is a highly size-inclusive eco-friendly swimwear range. We adore their vintage "breast tubes" as well. So 70s!

2. Davy J

The focus of this British swimwear company is on developing swimwear that is both ethical and fashionable.

You won't need to grab for another suit anytime soon because to the double lined, high elastane composition of the suits.

However, if you do, they kindly request that you return your suit to them so they can reuse its components. Davy J aims to achieve 60% closed-loop resourcing by the end of the year.

From extremely high waisted briefs to cropped blouses with high necklines, they provide a wide range of mix-and-match alternatives.

3. Mara Hoffman

In addition to eco-friendly swimwear, this designer also makes a tonne of other summer-appropriate clothes. Mara Hoffman makes the most stunning, airy summer dresses, jumpsuits, kaftans, tops, shorts, and beach cover-ups, however she is best known for her vibrant bathing suits.

Why we adore it: Mara Hoffman always makes sure that her products are 100% vegan-friendly and naturally dyed, whether it's a bathing suit, kaftan, or top.

4. allSisters

The Barcelona-based brand allSisters makes glitzy, seductive swimwear that is functional for an active lifestyle.

Their swimsuits are created from recycled Italian textiles that have earned the Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® accreditation, ensuring that they have undergone dangerous substance testing and were produced in factories that value both the environment and social responsibility.

To boost the local economy, recycled materials from nearby manufacturers are also utilised.

5. La Isla

One of our favourite eco-friendly swimsuit manufacturers is La Isla (also visible in our cover photo), mostly due to its incredibly distinctive and lovely designs.

These include details like tassels on the laces of their bottoms or drop or cap sleeves on their sustainable bikini tops. You must pre-order your suit because their designs are primarily built from recycled PET bottles and to reduce waste.

What we love: The company distributes a portion of its earnings to charitable organisations like Youth Emerging Stronger and the Ocean Futures Society founded by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

6. Deakin & Blue

Deakin & Blue aspires to have a favourable impact on the environment, society, and ethics because it believes that doing good is just smart business.

Its goal is to make sure that ladies of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful on the beach while also helping the environment. All of its suits are produced in a small London facility using only 100% recycled materials from old fishing nets and industrial plastics.

Their shaping Essential Swimsuit blends sensual mesh peeks with a flattering v-neckline.

7. Shapes in the Sand

Swimwear brand Shapes in the Sand is headquartered in Sydney and gets creative ideas from the natural world.

All pieces are created in Sydney using recycled nylon from Italy that has been developed, printed, and handcrafted.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society, which works to safeguard endangered animals and habitats including the Great Barrier Reef, is supported by Shapes in the Sand as well.

8. Manakai

Manakai Swimsuit is the island of Maui's first high-end, environmentally friendly, American-made swimwear line manufactured from recycled nylon.

Their most recent collection makes use of an environmentally friendly technical fabric called ECONYL®, a 100% recycled nylon fibre derived from fishing nets and other trash that pollutes the oceans.

Why we love it: The fact that many of these eco-friendly swimwear designs are multifunctional makes us appreciate them even more. Therefore, flip it inside-out to create a brand-new outfit! Additionally, we adore the way Manakai works with artists.

In order to create beautiful art on their swimwear, for instance, their She's One of a Kind collection was created in collaboration with Cosmic Collage.

9. RubyMoon

The only non-profit manufacturer of sustainable swimwear in the world, RubyMoon provides microloans to entrepreneurs in 14 developing nations using 100% of its nett sales.

But just half of it is like that.

The brand has a diverse line that includes crop tops, sports bras, leggings, rash guards, and swimsuits while emitting 42% fewer carbon emissions than its conventional competitors.

While surfing the waves or hitting the volleyball court, the Solange GymToSwim Rash Guard will shield you from chlorine, sunshine, and seawater. It is made to be durable and fashionable.

10. Vitamin A Swimwear

The best way to characterise the eco-friendly swimwear made by Vitamin A is as the water-ready version of Audrey Hepburn's iconic Little Black Dress.

The company has even developed a product that it calls the "Little Black Bikini." This is unlike your typical swimsuit; instead of creating ugly bulges and "elastic tattoos," its seams rest flat on the skin.

Why we adore it: This business is a pioneer in environmentally friendly swimwear. EcoLuxTM, the first luxury swim fabric constructed from recycled nylon fibres, was created by the brand's founder herself.

Since then, the brand has added a number of additional eco-friendly, high-performance materials, including organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton, and Tencel®. All materials are additionally certified to fulfil the international Oeko-Tex standard for secure textiles.

11. Amara

Amara, a brand established in Tulum, employs XTRA LIFE LYCRA® to make each item endure longer than conventional spandex items and Italian textiles comprised of 78% recycled plastics from ocean waste.

Their bathing suits are designed, cut, and stitched in New York.

We adore their beautiful cut-out pieces in particular.

These amusing bathing suits are reversible, so depending on your mood, you can flaunt either the patterned or block-color design.

12. Summerlove Swimwear

The laid-back California beach culture that gave birth to and served as the inspiration for the brand Summerlove. Vanessa Rivers, a designer who is adamant about raising awareness of environmental issues, creates her collections using VITA, a sustainable techno-fabric manufactured of eco-nylon.

Fishing nets, carpet fibre, and other waste materials saved from landfills are used to create this fibre, which is 100% regenerated polyamide.

But the seductive, side-tied looks they produce are anything but junk! In fact, S.L.'s fashions are so attractive that they utilise their clients as models. Don't trust us? View each of the models below; they are actual people just like you and me. but perhaps a little curvier. also with improved swimsuit!

Why we adore it: This is a truly seductive eco-friendly swimwear line for curvy women!

13. Arkitaip

In an effort to combat plastic, Arkitaip makes their clothing from natural fibres like linen.

The growth of linen can be accomplished without the use of harsh chemicals, and it is completely biodegradable.

The collection features a tonne of luxurious linen loungewear with a 70s vibe that is ideal for your upcoming vacation.

Additionally, their handcrafted crochet two-pieces channel your inner 70s goddess for bikinis and crop tops that are more appropriate for lounging by the pool than swimming laps.

14. Bare Beach

In order to create stylish, eco-friendly swimsuits that accentuate the female silhouette, this outstanding sustainable swimwear firm recycled plastic bottles.

The eco-friendly badge is having an impact on the marine environment, where waste, particularly plastic, is becoming a major problem. Since the company employs EcoEnclose, a packaging material made entirely of recycled materials, even its shipping practises are environmentally friendly.

Why we adore it: Bare Beach has received PETA approval, which is fantastic. It was also produced responsibly in the USA.

15. Vege Threads

Vege Threads is an Australian eco-fashion brand that emphasises social responsibility and sustainability.

Their sophisticated, attractive swimwear is produced in Australia using XTRA LIFE LYCRA® and post-consumer nylon.

Vege Threads, which also makes apparel for women, has earned Ethical Clothing Australia's accreditation for its ethical supply chains and working conditions.

16. Vanilla Sand

Corinna Dickenbrok developed an eco-friendly swimwear company to support family-owned supply networks, maintaining integrity and transparency.

Of course, it always pays its employees a fair wage. Additionally, Dickenbrok always keeps the state of the world in mind when developing new fashion trends.

For instance? In addition to using recycled materials like those created from old fishnets and PET bottles, Vanilla Sand takes pride in using natural materials like organic cotton.

What we adore: With every purchase, the company plants a tree in the Amazon.

17. Batoko

To transform garbage into treasure is Batoko's goal.

The company, which takes pride in the fact that it is literally garbage, makes sustainable swimwear from 100 percent recycled plastic debris that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or the ocean.

The independent swimsuit business, which is based on England's north-west coast, intends to stay small so that it can continue to concentrate on the quality of its offerings and be more environmentally friendly.

To conserve water and energy, their colourful suits have fun, digitally printed patterns.

18. Remnant Bikinis

This environmentally conscious swimwear company has opted to upcycle old nylon rather than producing more synthetic materials. They specifically make use of abandoned textiles, ocean-bound garbage, and ghost fishing nets. The outcome? Their sustainable bikinis are manufactured from premium, soft, sustainable fabrics.

They do two wonderful things by recycling nylon that already exists. They first stop producing additional nylon and other materials that would otherwise fill our landfills. Second, they can conserve natural resources like water and oil that are used to produce virgin nylon while also cleaning up the oceans.

What we adore: Each product is produced in Bali using moral manufacturing practises. The seamstresses at Remnant work in a pleasant, familial-like environment and are paid double the minimum salary.

19. Koru

The name Koru Swimwear is derived from the Maori word for "spiral" that is native to New Zealand and represents new life, hope, spiritual development, purity, and serenity.

Due to the designer's Kiwi origin, the swimwear is created in the USA using used fishing nets and has a Kiwi influence.

Koru Swimwear was created when two friends decided to create eco-friendly swimwear out of trash (such as used fishing lines, carpet fibres, and plastic bottles).

The fact that the word Koru means "fresh growth, strength, and peace" in Maori is pretty relevant given the crucial function upcycling plays in the company.

In order to preserve the seas' purity, the eco-friendly swimsuit company also only employs bulk coloured cloth that has been produced without water waste or contamination.

Why we adore it: Koru also provides a small selection of eco-friendly jewellery and summer clothes.

Each purchase made from Koru, which is a 1% For The Planet and Healthy Seas partner, directly supports environmental preservation.

20. Stidston Swimwear

Stidston is extremely sexy ethical swimwear that is custom-made in London.

With variations ranging from velvet to gingham, each style is offered in recycled Lycra and is made for more than just the beach and the sun. You'll want to wear these cosies all day.

21. UND Swimwear

UND Swimwear is committed to reducing carbon emissions and is produced entirely in Italy using sustainable suppliers who share their concern for energy efficiency and renewable resources.

The Lycra used in UND goods is made from recycled ocean plastics that are processed in Italy.

Although the outfits are classic, they are anything but dull.

Choose from a variety of mesh-edged shirts and bottoms to mix and match, or choose a traditional one-piece.

22. Petite Terre

Petite Terre Swimwear is created in Bali under ethical working conditions with recyclable materials.

Luxury underwear and fine swimwear are combined in the designs, creating some incredibly gorgeous and intricate items.

Because it is a member of 1% For the Planet, the business also donates a portion of its profits to help the neighbourhood and raise environmental awareness there.

23. We Are Nativ

With We Are Nativ's ethical swimwear, embrace your inner 80s aerobic queen.

The killer cuts challenge the commercial brands and are sporty and seductive, proving that sustainability is hot and consciousness is in.

You would never know from the high-fashion aesthetic that everything is handcrafted in Indonesia using only post-consumer recycled materials and 100% ECONYL.

24. Undersea Bikini

Undersea Bikini is a brand of eco-friendly swimwear that focuses on making items that are durable and comfortable to wear.

The feminine-sporty line is created from soft, Italian textiles made from ECONYL, reflecting the firm idea that luxury should always be about sustainability and that fashion should be fair.

Have fun with a wide variety of hues and fashions, or keep it straightforward with a classic onesie.

25. Elle Evans

Since 2013, the Australian company Elle Evans has produced swimsuits from recycled marine plastics.

The fifth collection, Franklin, is right on style with its opulent 70s mustard tones and vintage caravanning holiday designs. Each piece is meticulously crafted to order.

Using recycled post-consumer nylon and offcuts from larger fashion firms, a tiny crew in Melbourne creates its designs (from fishnets, carpets, rope etc.).

Made with sustainability while maintaining vintage style.

26. Volcom

For many years, Volcom has been dedicated to ethical manufacture and procurement of various fibres.

This summer, it unites everything by showcasing striking monochrome color-block bikinis that not only look fantastic but won't let you down if you opt to SUP instead of relaxing on the sun loungers.

Men's swimwear incorporates hemp and recycled plastic bottles, while the women's collection is constructed primarily of ECONYL (91%).

27. Jade Swim

Brittany Kozerski Freeney, a former fashion editor and stylist who founded Jade Swim, is a company to keep an eye on.

The Los Angeles-based brand's ethical swimwear is made with high-end Italian fabrics and shape-retention technologies, and it has a sleek, simple design.

Jade Swim has stepped up amid the present national crisis by making donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the NAACP, and No Kid Hungry. The company is run by women (from the factory owner to the warehouse team).

28. Londre Bodywear

The Canadian swimwear brand prioritises sustainability, producing one-pieces and separates with double-lined compression material produced from recycled plastic bottles found on Taiwanese streets and beaches. To date, they have recycled 90,000 bottles.

Backless one-pieces, jewel-toned bikinis, and other items from Londre will add chic functionality to your low-key garden gatherings.

29. Ayla Swim

In May, Ayla Swim released its Coral collection, which was influenced by the ocean's beauties. Each item pays homage to the world's threatened coral reefs, and 1% of the proceeds from each suit sale goes to Coral Guardian, which supports efforts to regenerate and preserve reefs.

The eye-catching patterns are perfect for your 2021 beach debut (we're counting down the days), with ease of beach-to-street transportation in mind.

30. Summersalt

Summersalt makes its swimsuit using sumptuous, compressive fabric made from 78% recycled polyamide, with sustainability at its centre.

The entire product range (many suit designs in gingham, color-blocking, animal-print, florals, and more) is made from recycled plastics, post-consumer materials, and nylon trash (like old fishing nets) and is tailored based on 1.5 million body measurements from 10,000 women to ensure the ideal fit.

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