The Ultimate Guide to Australian Ethical and Eco-Friendly Swimwear Labels

Australians enjoy going to the beach in the summer, but it's crucial to practise environmental responsibility.

Many individuals are not aware of how their swimwear affects the environment or what labels to look for when purchasing a new suit.

This blog article will examine some of Australia's most ethical and environmentally conscious brands and define each label.

For a few years now, Australian swimsuit manufacturers have been growing. But in recent months, more Australian eco-friendly and ethical fashion brands have emerged, which is fantastic news since it provides more options for consumers who wish to wear clothing that was sourced responsibly.

But how can you tell which label suits you best? You can find your perfect match by reading this article, which will introduce you to some of the greatest Australian ethical and environmentally friendly swimwear brands available.

We set out to uncover some of Australia's top environmentally conscious and ethically produced brands because we are all aware of how challenging it can be to find swimwear that not only suits your body type but also helps the earth.

Do you wish to purchase eco-friendly and morally-sound swimwear? Here is the definitive list of ecologically friendly Australian labels.

To help you select a brand that meets your needs, we've produced a list of all the available options. There is something for everyone, whether it be for your family or for you personally!

Do you want to feel good about your swimwear and look nice doing it? Do you, however, have trouble locating garments that are both ethical and environmentally friendly?

Do you not understand the distinction between the two terminologies, or vice versa? If so, this article will assist in addressing any queries or worries you might have.

Do you know the manufacturer of your swimsuit? Everyone has heard of the ethical and environmental issues with rapid fashion, but what about swimwear?

The truth is that a number of Australian manufacturers create premium, environmentally responsible swimwear, just like any other clothes manufacturer.

However, how can you tell if they're beneficial to both the environment and people? These queries may be addressed by this article!

This post is for you if you're seeking for environmentally and morally responsible swimwear brands in Australia.

To help you choose your summer wardrobe, we've put up a list of the top ethical and environmentally responsible companies. We'll also provide a link to each brand's website so you can learn more about them or place an order online.

You may learn about each brand's sizing, fit, fabric, and environmental credentials.

The idea is to arm customers with all the information they need to make an informed choice about which brand of eco-friendly or ethical bikinis is best for them.

Finding the top boutique Australian swimwear brands that are ethical and environmentally responsible is the focus of this article.

Big-name companies like Adidas, Nike, and H&M have come under fire recently for allegedly engaging in unethical supply-chain activities.

It can be difficult to choose the ideal swimwear for your lifestyle. It might be difficult to know where to begin with so many various brands, sizes, and styles available.

I've put up a list of Australia's best eco-friendly and ethical swimwear brands to aid you!

Links to each label's website with images from their most recent collections are included in this page. So, whether you prefer bohemian chic or classic elegance, you can discover exactly what you're looking for.


1. Peony Swimwear 

Look no further than Peony if you want whimsical blooms and pastel colours.

Styles range from skimpier triangle tops and side-tie bottoms to combined fuller coverage '50s designs, all made from recovered ocean refuse including old fishing nets, carpet, and fabric waste.

We adore their ready-to-wear assortment of dresses and cover-ups made of organic cotton, hemp, and linen for this season.

With the selection of wonderful items from Peony Swimwear, we believe you'll feel as pretty and youthful as a rose and as fresh as a daisy.

The independent, family-run business claims that Econyl, Repreve, and plant-based materials are used in the production of every component of their swimwear, including the cute bespoke patterns, lining, and packaging. Blossom power!

2. Monte & Lou 

Friends Kay Howitt and Lynne Tramonte, who met while working with renowned swimwear designer Brian Rochford in the 1980s, founded Monte & Lou, a company with a strong reputation in the design world.

Off the Grid, their most recent collection, marked the brand's transformation to 100% sustainability (when the company was in COVID-19 lockdown, no less), and the designers replaced their whole line of materials with nylon that had been certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Additionally, you'll receive your purchases in a compostable mailer.

3. Bondi Born

Bondi Born is a high-end swimwear company that is Australian-born and created. It is sewed in Sydney with the idea that quality and values should never be sacrificed.

The brand focuses on the quality of textiles (those that feel opulent but are ethically sourced) and uses cutting-edge technologies for improved fit, feel, and lifespan in addition to being responsibly created in Australia.

Swing tags, labels, and post satchels are created without plastic, and they are B Corp-certified and made in Sydney. A portion of every transaction is donated to charity. Consider us headed to Bondi!

The Sydney-based brand is proud to uphold the highest ethical and sustainable standards. They use Sculpteur fabric, which they claim will last ten times longer than standard swim material, to create their collection of sleek, supportive, sculptural one-pieces, bikinis, and rashguards in simple block colours.

These swimsuits will not only offer you a nip and tuck at the same time as they are produced from sustainable fabrics that have a carbon footprint that is up to ten times lower than traditional textiles made from recycled bottles.

If you need a little bit more coverage, the smoothing styles are ideal, and you can rest easy knowing they were responsibly produced in Australia.

4. Baiia 

You won't get tired of your Baiia swimwear because there are so many different ways you can use it. It is reversible and versatile. We also adore that it comes in sizes ranging from an Australian size 6 up to 22, making it inclusive and flattering for all body types.

Additionally, it was made responsibly using fabrics that were Oeko-Tex certified and recyclable materials. We adore their retro Australiana and tropical patterns. While bikini tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched, the multipurpose trademark wrap suits can be worn up to three different ways.

All body types will look great in Baiia's high waisted bottoms and high-cut 3-piece wrap suit.

For their manufacturing, Baiia has collaborated with a Chinese company that upholds high standards of ethics and sustainability, places a premium on the welfare and well-being of its seamstresses, and is conscious of its impact on the environment.

Its fabric source creates Nylon 6 using a highly effective industrial technique entirely from recycled waste materials including carpet, plastic bottles, and fishing nets.

Additionally, Baiia uses water-based dyes that are CLEAR TO WEAR certified, OEKO-TEX® certified, and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

In addition to producing its stylish line of swimsuits and bikinis using Econyl, Baiia also donates 10% of all sales to organisations that support the environment and women. Love!

Sustainable bathing suits with four different swimwear options? Count us in! Baiia's popular wrap suits, which come in sizes 6 to 22, are incredibly supportive and come in a wide variety of patterns that are inspired by nature. They are also reversible and manufactured entirely from recycled trash. Hurrah!

5. Palm Swim 

Palm offers sophisticated designs that are environmentally conscious.

A built-to-order model has just been added, so your swimwear won't be manufactured until you've paid for the items in your cart. Since they have additional UV and chlorine protection, they will be able to swim farther than typical swimmers.

6. Salt Gypsy 

The Salt Gypsy brand was started by surfer Danielle Clayton with a simple pair of surf leggings. Since then, it has grown to include rashies, crops, functional bottoms with full coverage, and surf suits.

Styles are made for performance and as well as in the water and may be worn on soft sand runs or in the yoga studio. They are manufactured from ECONYL, also known as recovered plastic, ghost fishing nets, carpet and textile offcuts.

It embraces the slow fashion approach with goods manufactured to order, just like other brands.

The vibrant and patterned swimwear produced by this Byron Bay-based brand is well-known. Salt Gypsy has been using recycled nylon materials in its designs for the past four years.

We adore their selection of surf leggings and rashguards, which are frequently difficult to find from conscious brands. For beachgoers and surfer girls who care about fashion, this brand is ideal.

Surfing presents enough difficulties (Sharks! Jellyfish! Without thinking about the morality of your suit, you quickly fall off the board.

Enter the UPF50+ simple styles from Salt Gyspy, all responsibly crafted in Australia with recycled nylon so you can hang ten without worry. Go surfing!

7. Spell and the Gypsy Collective 

Byron native and raised Although Spell doesn't require an introduction, you might not be aware that their swimwear is also made with sustainability in mind.

Its collection of boho-style bikinis, one-pieces, and sportswear is made entirely of nylon that has been recycled from sources including fishing nets.

So, in addition to getting a cool cosplay, you're also doing your part to lessen landfill waste.

Spell & The Gypsy Collective are well recognised for their bohemian looks and prints, and they are quickly gaining recognition (and praise) for their use of sustainable materials and growing supply chain transparency.

For its swimwear, the company uses eco-friendly materials, such as ECONYL yarn, which is made of 78% recycled nylon. On their website, you may read more about their eco-friendly fabrics.

Spell & The Gypsy is making the switch to eco-friendly textiles and a more open supply chain.

8. Shapes in the Sand 

Shapes in the Sand donates to environmental charities each season with their handcrafted, small-batch products. With the brand giving $10 for each swimsuit from the Blossom collection sold this year, Koala Ark receives a shout-out.

Evo, a bio-based yarn derived from castor bean oil, has recently been introduced to their fabrication arsenal.

In addition, it has developed a soluble hygiene liner to replace the bulky plastic liners present in traditional swimwear, which is created from wood pulp and non-toxic ink.

Shapes in the Sand focuses on being environmentally friendly throughout all phases of making their collections, using handcrafted ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon fabric.

Locally printed textiles are produced without the use of harmful chemicals. By turning leftover textiles and offcuts into hair scrunchies and other accessories, the brand even aspires to zero waste.

Even the packing materials, right down to the non-toxic dyes on their swing tags, are environmentally safe.

Shapes in the Sand has incorporated sustainability into every aspect of its swimsuit company, including the use of Econyl and other eco-friendly products like wood-pulp dissolvable hygiene liners, recycled and regenerated packaging, swing tags, and care labels.

With each new print release, they partner with a different wildlife or environmental charity in an effort to leave the planet in better shape.

One-piece and two-piece swimsuit collections by Shapes in the Sand include stunning, attention-grabbing prints.

9. Georgi Swimms

Georgi Swimms, a brand that is only a few years old and was established in 2019, has always been inherently sustainable.

Georgi Swimms is already taking concrete steps to achieve these goals in all areas of its company, including materials, manufacturing, and packaging, with the goal of being a 100% sustainable brand by 2025.

The fabric used in "swimmsuits" is manufactured from plastics that pollute the ocean, which is the best part.

10. Charlie Mae

All of the textured and patterned fabrics as well as the tags used in Charlie Mae swimwear are manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials.

Their products are made in secure facilities that adhere to BSCI standards and are recycled from pre- and post-consumer trash.

Therefore, by choosing recycled swimwear over swimwear made of new nylon, you are assisting in landfill cleanup, ocean cleanup, and loop-closing.

11. Zulu & Zephyr

As one of Australia's beloved lifestyle brands, Zulu & Zephyr ensures sustainability is at the forefront of their swimwear offering.

In 2020, the brand underwent an overhaul of its collection and relaunched with Econyl fabric. Not only is it made from waste, but it's infinitely recyclable, reducing waste and pollution in the long run.

12. Matteau

Matteau is dedicated to long-term sustainability and ethical business methods, and places a high priority on procuring materials from regenerative, organic, renewable, and recycled sources.

A commitment to responsible consumerism and developing sustainable purchasing habits is essential to the brand.

In addition to taking into account the materials' lifecycles, Matteau evaluates the environmental impact of all fabrics and the sustainability of their manufacture.

13. Cooke & Kin

Cooke & Kin prioritises the environment above everything else when making decisions, which includes ethically producing all clothing on domestic land and ensuring a safe working environment, complete benefits, and competitive pay for manufacturers.

Since its inception, the company has only used naturally sourced, compostable materials and processed fibres, so the item will decompose completely and leave no lasting traces.

14. Nude Lucy

Recently, the popular brand Nude Lucy debuted their swimwear collection. The outcome? a line of premium swimwear that uses recycled materials, including yarn created from post-consumer waste.

There is something for everyone in the capsule, which provides a variety of designs and cuts to accommodate different body types.


A swimwear brand with a focus on ethical manufacturing and ecological innovation, LE BUNS is situated in Melbourne.

They only use unique rebuilt recycled fibres in their swimsuit collections, which are acquired from plastic fishing ropes and nets that would otherwise be polluting the oceans and endangering species.

Le Buns are perhaps best known as the Melbourne-based company that creates the cosiest organic bras and underwear, so it stands to reason that they are experts in bikinis as well.

Some pieces can be fashioned up to five different ways and are produced in ethical overseas factories using recycled nylon, making them versatile and stylish. Sun fun in the rays!

16. Vege Threads

There is probably at least one Vege Threads item in your closet if you want simple, eco-friendly clothing. The company's latest swimwear collection is a minimalist mermaid's fantasy, with Econyl being used once more to create a small selection of straightforward wrap one-pieces and separates.

Vege Thread's sustainable swimwear collection of bikinis, rashies, and one-pieces comes in a variety of mouthwatering colours, including leafy greens, tomato reds, and pumpkin yellow.

The brand's popular basics are perfectly complemented by the beach-approves range, which is carefully made in South Australia and has earned ECA accreditation.

Most people frequently turn to Vege Threads for their developed, ethically created, organic undergarments and necessities. However, the collection of eco-friendly swimwear from this Australian firm is produced from recycled Italian nylon; the 78% nylon/21% Xtra Life Lycra blend is becoming more and more well-liked.

Vege Threads creates a line of swimwear that includes two-piece bikinis and ethical one-piece swimsuits that fit various body types.

17. Seapia

Seapia bases its fabric selection on how each material would affect the environment. The Australian swimsuit company seeks for materials developed using cutting-edge technology that recycle used plastic.

The brand's mission is to create swimwear that respects our world and celebrates its soul by continuously seeking to reduce its waste and carbon footprint, working with local artists to create their exclusive prints.

18. Camp Cove Swim

Love vintage patterns? You'll adore Camp Cove's new collection of prints, which features images of the Australian scenery and native flowers.

The dreamily patterned pieces from Camp Coves come in a variety of high waisted bottoms, shirts, and one-pieces and are all created using recycled fabrics in their linings. Swoon!

Camp Cove Swim is an extremely stylish swimwear brand renowned for its vintage looks and unique designs created in-house. Their products are ethically made in modest quantities on Australia's south coast using Australian-printed fabrics.

Additionally, the firm uses recyclable materials for the lining of their swimsuits. I really adore their varied and inclusive picture shootings that include women of all shapes and sizes!

You'll need to practise pronouncing "Camp Cove cossies" quickly because everyone on the beach will be asking you where you purchased your adorable bathing suits. We adore that this brand is good in the water AND for it, designed and produced on the south coast of New South Wales, and printed utilising a water-free dyeing process.

Bright, enjoyable, and ideal for women of all colours, shapes, and sizes, Camp Cove Swim's responsibly produced swimwear is available now.

19. She Made Me

She Made Me produces limited edition handcrafted crochet swimwear in Bali in collaboration with local artists.

She Made Me wants to celebrate the handmade tradition and importance of the human touch by creating timeless pieces that give women who wear them confidence.

Balinese craftspeople create the crocheted swimwear that She Made Me creates.

20. OceanZen Bikini

Environmental scientist Steph Gabriel of Queensland founded the eco-friendly swimwear line OceanZen Bikini. It is produced from used fishing nets from the ocean and recycled plastic bottles, just like many other environmentally friendly swimwear items.

"I wanted to speak up for sustainability, but I didn't want to pursue a career in science. According to Steph Gabriel, OceanZen Bikini is entirely constructed on a solid foundation for sustainability and marine conservation.

21.  Kowtow

This ethical fashion brand just introduced its first swimsuit line in October of last year, so the category is very new to them.

The swimwear by Kowtow is made of ECONYL, a recycled nylon made from pre- and post-consumer waste like used fishing nets, and features organic shapes and colourful pops.

Although they are really a New Zealand trademark rather than an Australian one, they have been so well-known and widely available in Australia that it makes sense to keep them on our list.

Kowtow, one of the heavy hitters in the ethical apparel league, has created a line of art-inspired swimwear (think Matisse and Hockney) that will have you rushing to the beach whenever you have the chance.

The line offers basic bikinis, one-pieces, tees, and sarongs made of Econyl, an Italian nylon manufactured from pre- and post-consumer waste like carpets, plastic scraps, and recycled fishing nets. It is ideal for prolonged beach days.

22. Tigerlily

Tigerlily is undertaking adjustments that reflect these new goals and making ethical sourcing and sustainability a central component of their business. Nearly 50% of the swimwear produced by the firm last year was manufactured using recycled fibres. For all online orders, it also launched new compostable packaging. Tigerlily, excellent start to a sustainable journey!

23. Atmosea

Atmosea, a surf and swimwear company, pays homage to all the best elements of the 1980s with a contemporary nod to the decade that openly embraced aerobic wear and big hair (think a surfing Jane Fonda).

The exciting collection of color-blocked and tie-dyed bikini crops, full suits, wetsuits, and even swimming bike shorts are designed for active sea life, both on and off the waves. They successfully combine comfort, cuteness, and practicality.

All of the parts are constructed of recycled nylon and are shipped in cassava-based compostable packaging, bringing it into the future.

24. Active Truth

With sizes ranging from 6-26, Active Truth is living up to its goal statement of "celebrating women regardless of size, shape, or stage of life by offering performance sportswear across an inclusive size range."

They are well-known and adored for their wide selection of tights, and they now offer athletic swimwear that is completely created in Australia from recycled nylon and packaged in biodegradable materials (minus any swing tags or unnecessary printed invoices).

25. The Firefly Collection

Celebrating your body *should* know no age restrictions, and The Firefly Collection fully supports this idea with their selection of eco-luxe swimwear. With oh-so-cute small matching versions, encourage your daughters, nieces, and grandchildren to appreciate their bodies as well!

Your ideal top and bottom sizes may be found in their small yet stylish recycled nylon assortment, which is made ethically in sizes up to 18 and available in classic black, navy, or cool leopard print.

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