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5 Myths About Sustainable Swimwear

We have been making swimwear for over 6 years now (time flies) and in that time we have learned a thing or two about fabrics.

We have also incorporated sustainable fabrics into our range which brings up a whole new bunch of questions from customers.

Here are 5 myths about sustainable swimwear that need busting STAT!

You might think the quality Is rubbish… If it’s made from recycled garbage then it must be bad quality right? Wrong. The quality of the fabric is as good, if not better than the Italian Lycra we have been using all along.

sustainable swimwear myths

You might think of sustainable swimwear as being stiff because traditionally sustainable fabrics have been. The swimwear fabric we have used from the very beginning here at Bombshell Bay has been luxurious Italian lycra.
It’s soooooooo soft. The one thing people always say when they pick up a piece to look at it or try it on is…. “ohhhh its’s SOFT” because yes it IS soft and so is the sustainable fabric we make our swimwear from because it comes from THE EXACT same manufacturer.

They have been making swimwear fabric softer than kittens and bunnies for ages. They know what they are doing in the softness stakes.

You might think sustainable swimwear smells or is dirty and that’s pretty silly.

You might think that sustainable swimwear fades because you have had swimwear in the past that has faded. Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

Some swimwear does fade and it could be for a number of reasons, maybe the quality isn’t great, maybe you are punishing it in chlorine doing laps 6 days a week or maybe you fall asleep in the sun or have left it out to dry for too long. Like we said earlier, the fabric specs on our sustainable swimwear fabrics are just as good, if not better than the original. I guess you could say its like the Maserati of swimwear fabrics! Allora!

Got any other questions about our sustainable swimwear? Let us know!


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