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About Us

Hi, I’m Emily I’m the creative director and founder at Bombshell Bay, it sounds fancy but basically it means I came up with idea and continue to design our products. I want to tell you a bit about myself and my brand.

Im not an influencer, or a former model. I grew up in Australia, I always had a sandy bum. I lived for summer holidays where we would spend hours at the beach, drinking warm cordial from colourful aluminium cups, eating sandy peanut butter sandwiches and hunting for beach treasure for weeks at a time. I lived in swimwear. Sunscreen was not a “thing”

I don’t recall exactly but the day came when I hated wearing swimwear. If I had to guess, I’d say right around that awkward adolescent stage. I avoided it like it was an olympic sport. You see, as I got older I didn’t fit into the traditional swimwear mould. I was (and still am) a funny shape. I have a small bust, a small waist and a bigger bottom half. I learned to dress for my shape and in fact I became pretty good at it, but I still wouldn’t touch a swimsuit with a 10 foot pole though. No way. Na-ah.

Reluctantly I would look for swimsuits for vacations and never find anything I truly loved. I was always so afraid of how I would look, I’d never do poolside cocktails at conferences or work events and I’d avoid pool parties because I was worried others would judge me, I was totally insecure about my appearance and it fucking sucked. It was sucking the life out of me.

The fashion industry does a great job of making women feel like shit. So does the media and social media. The worst offenders though, are ourselves and our negative self talk. Brené Brown has a great talk about “the story Im making up” go find it, it’s a life changer.

I started Bombshell Bay in 2010. It's taken until 2018 for me to write this.
Our last about page was fine, it ticked all the boxes, but it still skirted around the edges of how and why I created the brand. Starting my own swimwear brands with so many hang ups about swimwear was risky to say the least. What if I fail? What If people don’t want to buy my swimwear? What if, what if? but, each year Bombshell Bay continues to grow and evolve and so does my love affair with wearing swimwear (again)

For me, having a brand aligned with my personal values is important. First and foremost Bombshell Bay is about making women feel good. Its about creating products that are wearable, flattering, comfortable and confidence boosting. Keeping it real and doing our best to have happy and healthy girls in our campaigns is something I spend a LOT of time working on. All of our models are hand picked by me. Some are friends, former interns or girls we find on social media call outs. Over the years we have used straight size, plus size, Indigenous, Asian, African and non traditional models to create our content. We never photoshop the girls to make them thinner or remove “imperfections” as they are referred to in the business.

Bombshell Bay is also about being mindful of how we make these products. In 2017 we launched our Sustainable Swimwear range which is made from recycled plastics found in the ocean which was such an important milestone for us, it makes me so happy and proud.

When people think of sustainable fashion they think of rough fabrics and unflattering designs, our sustainable swimwear could not be further from that. It’s soft and luxurious, with vibrant prints and in our beautiful signature styles.

For years I felt ashamed to be seen in a swimsuit, knowing how to dress for my shape lead me to develop a range of products that make me feel good. Even if nobody buys them I have managed to overcome my own negative self talk and change my own mindset, because yes, it’s all in our heads.

So, that’s my story, the story behind how I built a brand I love, that taught me self love and that I hope you will too.