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5 Reasons To Wear A Rashie (Or Surf Suit) This Summer

We have been making surf suits and rashies for ladies for the last few seasons and we love them, and so do our customers.

They sell out almost as quickly as we can make them which is great because we want as many girls as possible to wear them and experience the awesomeness of the surf suit.

Not convinced a surf suit or a rashie is for you? Here are our top 5 reasons you should be wearing a surf suit or a rashie the next time you go out in the sun.

# 1 Sunburn
The sun is our frenemie. We love it because it makes us happy and love life and then we curse it because it has burnt us to a crisp and we look like lobsters (incidentally we did have a lobster surf suit a few seasons ago) The point is the surf suit/ rashie protects you from the sun. It is UV50+ and will block nasty rays from damaging and burning your skin. Goodbye melanoma.

#2 Boobs
We all have them. Some big, some small. The one thing we don’t want to do is flash them to strangers (or maybe you do and that’s cool if that’s your thing.).
The surf suit/rashie keeps your modesty and dignity intact with its tie at the back your boobs are well covered and very secure.

#3 Warmth
The surf suit/rashie is like a second skin and will not only protect you from UV, but also keep you warm. Like my Grandma always said, cover your chest, or you will catch your death. OK Grandma. Extra points for our wooly jumper surf suit which offers extra warmth through the use of a clever pattern which makes you LOOK like you are wearing a wool suit… it’s a state of mind.

#4 Sliiiiinky
Probably our most favourite feature, the surf suit/ rashie makes you feel so slllllinky! Like a real-life mermaid. I’m telling you, you feel UNSTOPPABLE when you are wearing this thing. Amazing.

#5 Stingers
There is nothing more awkward than getting someone you know (or don’t know, for that matter) to pee on you because you have had a run-in with an angry jellyfish. Whilst our surf suit and rashie isn’t a full suit it will protect our arms and your body from those nasty suckers!

Don’t believe us? Try our range surf suits and rashies for sun lovers, lady surfers, and paddlers for yourself.

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