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Are You Making This Unflattering Swimwear Mistake?

Have you found yourself  browsing for “Boy Leg” Swimwear or “Board Shorts” because you think they are more “flattering”

Stop, just stop right there. “Boy Leg” and “Board Shorts” (of any length are absolutely 100000% NOT flattering.

OK, there, we said it. We know that there are many of you out there who think that you look better in a boy leg or a board short, well guess what… you are doing it all wrong.

So, you are thinking, well that’s great, thanks very much, what the hell should I be wearing?

Great question, we are glad you asked.

Keep reading on to see how you can shake up your swimwear looks and stop making unflattering swimwear choices…

bombshell bay flattering swimwear choices

Bombshell Bays Guide to Making better Swimwear Choices

Think about your assets, you need to know how to work them.

Understanding your body type and what works for you is essential! If you have
no idea what body type you have, you can send us an email at Bombshell Bay or you can see a stylist or personal shopper who will help you work out what your body type is and how to werk it!

Accessorise! Hats, sunglasses, cover ups, bling! Just like a regular outfit it’s important to complete the look to extract the maximum fabulousness.

Seamless styles are the most flattering due to the close fit without the diggy-in elastic. Think about how you feel when you are wearing underwear. Tight underwear that digs in tends to make you feel uncomfortable and also tends to make your clothes look not so great either, same applies to swimwear. Smooth lines flatter. Seamless swimwear is your friend (its also great for mixing and matching because it’s reversible!)

The reason why Boy Legs and Board shorts look so awful on ladies

Boy legs cut you off. They cut your legs right off ladies. You want your legs to look as loooooong as possible.

A flattering leg can change everything (now, we are not saying you need to go full 1980s aerobics instructor) however you do need to look for a leg that will flatter your shape. Step away from the boy leg bikini bottoms.

Board Shorts look great on boys. That’s because they are designed for their body shape. They are not designed for ladies. Full stop.

Two words...Camel Toe.

Two more... Flat Butt.

The same rule applies to board shorts as it does to Boy Leg Bikinis.
They don’t flatter, so move on. Find something that works for YOU.

Check out our range of swimwear for all bod shapes and buy flattering swimwear online here

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