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Beach To Bar. How To Change Your Look In Under 5 Minutes

One of the best things about holidays is being able to go from sunbathing to sipping your favourite cocktail within a matter of steps. Lazy beach days turn into casual sunset drinks at the local bar, leaving little time to adjust your look to suit.

beach to bar looks in under 5 mins

So how do we make this transition as effortless as the purple sunsets of paradise? Here’s our guide to going from the beach to bar in 5 minutes.



Providing you both protection from those harsh summer rays and a simple throw on piece that will have you sunset ready in a matter of seconds, coverups are changing the game.

Literally, you can wear them EVERYWHERE. Pair with a cute sandal and you’re ready for anything.



Now it’s all good and well for the beach babes we see in campaigns, with their perfectly crafted “beach hair” which took 2 stylists, using 5 products, 3 hours to perfect. For us mere mortals we are faced with the harsh reality of frizz, newly formed dreadlocks and sandy scalps.

So how do we tame the lion mane without running home to use the straightener?
Sea Salt Spray is great for keeping frizz down or you could e
mbrace the power of the updo.

High ponytails and buns are the easiest way to transition from day to night. You will be surprised just how refreshing it is to have your hair off your face while you work your way through the cocktail menu and dance the night away!



Love your makeup but don’t love what 85% humidity does to it? The biggest struggle of the-day-to-night transition is the application of makeup.

Now it’s very easy for us to say, go au naturel, but sometimes we all need a little boost. A pop of colour on the lip is the perfect compromise. Deeps reds, oranges, and pinks will complement your holiday glow while giving you the element of glamour you’re looking for.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours that you wouldn’t wear in the city. Remember, everything looks good in paradise.



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