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Customised Surf Suit- Design Your Own Surf Suit or Rashie

Over the past few years we have sold out of our popular surf suit more times that we can recall (a good problem for us, but not for customers) so we have decided to swing open the design studio door and let YOU design the surf suit you want from a range of available fabrics in the exact size you need (rather than say, what’s left when you finally get around to purchasing)


custom surf suit for women

It’s a super simple concept, you choose from the fabrics we have in stock and which size you would like (now XS-XXL) and pay for the product like a normal order.

This will trigger a custom design order at our warehouse and the surf suit fairies will start producing your suit.

It will take around 30 days for your custom surf suit to be ready for shipping.

Once your customised surf suit is ready to be sent, we will pack it lovingly and ship it to you wherever you are in the world.

You will receive the tracking details so you can steal your new purchase all the way to your mailbox.

Our sustainable surf suits are like a second skin and are so soft and made from luxurious Italian Lycra.

If there is a particular print in stock then we suggest you grab it tout suite as it might not be around forever.



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