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How To Be Happy In A Bikini

One of the greatest things about being on a holiday, whether it’s a long and lazy vacation or a short trip out of town is the overwhelming sense of happiness.

Just recently I found myself away on a well-deserved vacation in a beautiful setting after a long and challenging year (actually, make it two years) and was meeting fellow female travelers of all ages who after introductions and sharing our “real world” lives and jobs would almost immediately say…

how to be happy in a bikini

“Oh, I can’t wear a bikini”

I always wonder why women say this and sometimes I ask and sometimes I don’t but what I have figured out over the years of designing, fitting and selling swimwear to women is how to be happy in a bikini and let me tell you… it’s surprisingly easy….


How To Be Happy In A Bikini Step  1.

 Reality check. Have you ever seen a perfectly sculpted body lounging on the sun bed next to you ever? Oh and I’m talking IN REAL LIFE none of this on Instagram, in a magazine, on television or in a movie crap? Oh, you haven’t? Me neither, you want to know why?

Because perfect DOES. NOT. EXIST.  Shocking I know.


How To Be Happy In A Bikini Step 2.


Do you have full control over your mind and body with all limbs fully functioning? Are you able to walk, talk and have rational thought processes (not including the fact you think you can’t wear a bikini, we’re working on blowing that one up)

Oh you do? Great! That means you can actually put a bikini on without it falling off (now that’s a real fear by the way, nothing worse than unintentionally exposing yourself to a group of small children, or a bus load of sightseers )


How To Be Happy In A Bikini Step 3.


Don’t settle. There is a bikini out there for everyone. I’m telling you this because I spend my days surrounded by tiny scraps of lycra designed to be stretched over all body types.

Knowing what works for you is a key happiness factor when buying a bikini.

There is no, I repeat NO need to follow trends. Don’t feel pressured or put off by pics of “perfect” insta babaes in bikinis with legs cut so high you can see what they had for breakfast (also, that trend of pulling your swimwear up your chooch kinda grosses us out here and I will be the biggest faux pas of this summer (just sayin’)

If you are more comfortable with more butt coverage, go for it. If you want to cover a muffin top, go for it. You boobs need more support, get a more structured top.

Just don’t NOT get a bikini because you think you can’t pull off a trend.


How To Be Happy In A Bikini… In Conclusion


  • There is no such thing as a perfect body and nobody is looking at you anyways.
  • Be thankful for what we have
  • Don’t follow trends, go for what makes you happy (or comfortable)



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