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How To Mix and Match Swimwear Prints- Like A Designer

We get a lot of emails from customers trying to track down a print or style they missed out on. Life gets in the way of online shopping somehow (I know, it makes no sense to use either)

So they come to us desperate, asking if they could buy a matching set of swimwear but it has sold out in either the top or the bottom. “Will you be restocking?” they ask….

Well, in some cases we do restock popular prints but there are times when we don’t simply because of the amount of time it takes to print the fabric and produce the swimwear.

 (Update: since introducing our new Custom Made Swimwear business model this is no longer an issue but we feel like mixing and matching prints and colours is still an issue for some people,e, so we have kept the post) 

how to mix and match swimwear

We are BIG fans of mixing and matching swimwear and love to see what combinations our customers come up with. We like to think of it as YOU being the designer, creating a completely unique style or trend.

If you aren’t sure on how to mix and match swimwear prints, here are some pointers and remember if you aren’t confident enough to make a decision, then drop us a line and we will be more than happy to offer some suggestions.

  • Mixing a printed top with a plain bottom (or v.v works) try to find a solid colour that is either in the print or is a contrast to the print.

  • Mixing two solid colours works

  • Contrasting prints (like florals and stripes work) but others are harder to pair

  • Classics like black always work.


Got your eye on some swimwear but don’t know how to mix and match the prints? Contact us and we will have you looking your best poolside in no time. Fruit cocktail optional.


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