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How To Wash A Swimsuit

Caring for and washing a swimsuit is one of those things that most people aren’t 100% on what to do. Chances are you have found this blog post because you have just googled “how to wash a swimsuit” “ how to care for swimwear” or “how do i wash a bikini”

Taking good care of your swimsuit means it will last longer and honestly it really isn’t that hard.

Here’s the low down on what you need to do to look after your swimsuit so its last you many years of fruity cocktails under swaying palm trees.


How to care for a swimsuit after swimming at the beach

Salt water isn’t as bad for swimwear as chlorine so if you have spent the day at the beach here’s what to do.

At the end of the day jump into the shower and take your swimsuit with you ( don’t be a wally with water and wash it in the sink) Rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water (you can use a swimsuit wash (we have sold out of ours but there are others available)

Hang to dry (in the shade)


How to care for a swimsuit after swimming in a pool/hot tub

Chlorine is the mortal enemy of swimwear fabric so if there is a shower close to the pool rinse off after your dip.

Chlorine will fade and even eat away at the fabric (try not to think about what it does to your skin) so rinsing the chemicals off immediately is super important.

At the end of the day, rinse in the shower (as per above) and use a swimsuit wash or VERY mild and watered down detergent (do not use wool wash or fabric softener)

Hang to dry (in the shade)

Even the best quality italian lycra fabrics can be damaged by not taking proper care so remember when you rinse, rinse your swimsuit!

See, told you it wasn’t rocket science!


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