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On Trend > Rash Guards

Once upon a time rash guards were for kids and mumsy types but thanks to the Sports Luxe trend and a few sun smart celebrities, Rash Guards (or rash vests) are becoming more fashionable (which is great, because we have a couple in our range that we think you will love)

Its no secret we love the sun, but the sun is super damaging on the skin (wrinkles, urgh) and of course, there is the serious stuff like Melanoma…

So we decided to take the traditional rash guard (usually black, plastered with a logo (usually hot pink, etc) and rework it into something fashionable, something you would actually WANT TO WEAR.

Rash Guards Are On Trend

Yes, we designed fashionable rash guards and rash vests for women/girls/ladies/wahinis, or whatever. 

The rash guard is perfect for those days where you are in the sun ALL DAY, with no shady palms to lounge under.

It can easily be layered over a bikini top so you can mix and match it up.

A rash guard is like your beach BFF, no need to ask strangers to help you with sunscreen on those hard to reach places (unless that’s a play for you

Check out our range of UV50+ Rash Guards and Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuits and tick all the fashionable/sensible boxes this summer

Sun-smart has never looked so chic!

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