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Our Swimwear is Garbage. Yes, Really.

Imagine this. You are sitting on a beautiful beach. White sand, swaying palms, crystal blue seas and out of the corner of your eye, you catch a glimpse of the sun reflecting off something.

You are not sure what it is, but you do know it doesn’t belong there.
So you go over and inspect this mystery item (secretly hoping it’s pirates treasure and you never have to return to your day job) but no, your heart sinks.


It’s a plastic bottle.


swimwear made from ocean plastic

Each year 8 million tonnes of plastic* is dumped into the world's oceans and we aren’t just talking about water bottles. Everything from pen lids to kids toys to dirty diapers (gross)

Esky’s (coolers if your American) food wrappings, bottle tops, disposable forks, razors, and straws clog our waterways and oceans causing a huge threat to its inhabitants and also, to us.

As our demand for consumable goods increases so does the amount of waste we produce.

As good citizens of the world we do our best to reduce our plastic consumption, but what if I told you, you could buy garments, specifically swimwear MADE from rubbish found in the ocean?

Well, you might be a little grossed out, but I assure you, it is not as disgusting as it sounds.

Hear me out…


When you think of sustainable fabrics, you probably think of rough, scratchy unrefined fabrics like hemp and hessian. You may also associate sustainable fashion with “hippies” or people who may or may not live in communes, or who may or may not wear clothes at all (btw, this is actually how to dress 100% sustainably However in these modern times, sustainable fabrics look like this:



Amazing right!? And we have technology to thank for that.

Bombshell Bay Swimwear is now working towards using 100% sustainable fabrics by the end of 2018 (currently we are tracking at around 80% at the moment) we are producing our Australian Designed Swimwear in A sustainable fabric sourced from Europe.

The process is quite remarkable and takes plastic from the ocean, cleans it up and spins it into fibers that are then transformed into luxurious high-quality Italian Lycra.

How amazing is Science, I mean REALLY!

I am excited to share our new Sustainable Swimwear Range with you in the coming weeks, months and years and look forward to hearing about how “you can’t believe it’s garbage” comments, stories, and feedback.


We know you will love it.



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