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Swimsuit Anxiety Is A “Thing” and We Want To End It.

A few months ago I was talking to a friend, let's call her P.

P is a new friend, I met her about two years ago through another friend and we have hung out, been away and worked together.

I think P is really confident, smart as a whip and pretty cool.
She also has amazing eyelashes. I’m jealous.

swimsuit anxiety

I was talking to P a few weeks ago and she told me she had worn one of Bombshell Bay’s One Pieces when on a Business Trip to somewhere warm and sunny. Amazing.

P then told me that it was a “big thing” for her to pack a swimsuit when she travelled. Initially, I thought it was because she didn’t have time to swim when travelling for business… but no.

Then P dropped a bombshell.

In the past, P would  “forget” to pack a swimsuit in her bag because she didn’t want to be seen in a swimsuit. Wait, What?

This smart, successful, fun, confident amazing person had a fear of being seen in her swimwear. No, this is a mistake. It cannot be.

P isn’t alone as I have discovered. There are so many women who have opened up about their irrational fear of being seen in a swimsuit.

Going away for the weekend and “forgetting” your swimsuit is a thing.

But it shouldn’t be.

The only thing that not packing a swimsuit does is, it denies you of memories and experiences that could well be the ones you remember for the rest of your life. The ones you hold dear.

The ones that you wish you could do over and over.

 Standing under a beautiful waterfall after a long hike

Floating on your back looking up at an immense blue sky

Ordering another cocktail from the swim up bar

Splashing around with your family and friends in your backyard pool

Running through the sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon

Learning to surf/ paddle board on your vacation

Jumping off the back of a boat and plunging into cool water

Swimming with tropical fishes or whale sharks or sharks (eek)

Floating around on a giant inflatable whatever

Handstand competitions

Diving competitions

Getting dunked by waves

Skimming stones

Jumping off jetty’s


Wearing a swimsuit doesn’t have to be scary and the last thing you should do is deny yourself of anything because you don’t think you are good enough.

There are approximately 10 women in the world who look amazing in teeny tiny swimwear and then there’s the rest of us. The fashion industry and social media create the perfect storm for those suffering from swimsuit anxiety and it’s gotta stop. I’m calling it.

Stop Swimsuit Anxiety and pack your swimsuit on your next adventure.
I mean, do you really want to miss out on making memories?


I don’t.


Emily x

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