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Swimwear For Your Shape



That’s the number one question we get. Every single day.

Emails from girls asking us “How do I find the best swimwear for my shape?

It’s something that 99.9% of women have trouble with. So to help you decide which swimwear style best suits your shape,  we created a guide to help you get started finding your new favourite swimwear.

swimwear for your shape

We decoded and demystified swimwear so you can make a confident decision on which style to rock next time you are at the beach/pool/surf.

CLICK HERE to get the guide and discover if you are a mid waist, a hipster or a one-piece kinda gal.

Still not sure which swimwear style suits your body shape? You can always get in touch with us via the contact page, we are always happy to help.



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