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The Reason We use Real Girls As Models

I am often asked why I decided to start my own swimwear label. It’s a common question and usually, I launch into the story about how I came up with the idea on a beach in Vietnam on Christmas Day after wearing a brand new swimsuit that was cut so poorly that it was almost unwearable. 

Over the years I stopped and thought about how I could distill that story into a more concise version that would really sum up the ethos of the brand.

I  settled on “The fashion industry does a great job of making most women feel like shit, I want to change that”

Why we use real girls as our swimwear models

That’s it. That’s why I started Bombshell Bay Swimwear. I wanted to create a brand for women that they positively identified with.

It’s about inclusion and jumping in and owning it.

It’s about changing perceptions on what a swimsuit is and how you should look in one (hint, it's not perfect)

It’s about building confidence, taking part and being yourself.

It’s about embracing, accepting and being present and grateful. It's about being a positive role model for other young women in your lives.

Swimwear is a tough market and most women hate the idea of wearing a swimsuit, let alone feeling good in one. People ask me if I’m crazy, how can I get women to think positively about being in tiny scraps of Lycra in public?
I like a challenge, so it's OK.

So that’s why  I decided that not only would I design swimwear for women with this ethos in mind, I’d SHOW them what it looked like on a REAL GIRL. No tricks, no photoshopping just a beautiful model with boobs and curves and yes, maybe even a few stretch marks and another who was tall and naturally thin and guess what? It’s awesome.

We started shooting “real girls” in our swimwear back in 2013 with two very different but beautiful and natural models who represent our customers.

Neither was perfect and neither were digitally enhanced, no added thigh gaps, no artificial ingredients, just good old fashioned #REALGIRL beauty. We have continued this right through to our current day.
Using Real Girls for the campaign, look book and instagram content.
It’s awesome.

No manipulating their bodies, no trickery.

Sometimes we airbrush out tattoos (but that’s because sometimes they don’t look right with our style, and also, I’m not a big fan of tattoos)

If you are thinking you “can't” wear a swimsuit because of whatever reason I want you to think again. Look at the REAL GIRL BEAUTY inside.
We all have it, find it and learn to love it.


Emily x


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