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Why Sustainability Is Not A Luxury

At the end of Summer we sat down with our Creative Director, Emily Doig to find out about why and how she has transformed Bombshell Bay into one of Australia’s leading Sustainable Swimwear labels.

How would you describe Bombshell Bay Swimwear in 3 words?

Modern, Responsible, Bold.

Tell us about Bombshell Bay Swim in a bit more detail. How did you come to create it?

I’ve been designing swimwear for around 6 years and in that time I have transitioned from early to late 30’s and began to notice that there were fewer options for women as they mature. I looked and looked and couldn’t find anyone doing swimwear that was design focused, there is a huge gap from younger brands through to very mature brands and not much in between.

For me, it wasn’t enough to create a brand for an overlooked segment of the market, for it to be truly successful it must defy the norm and be something completely unique.

sustainability is not a luxury

Why do you think so many brands look past women over 30?

I think that most brands look past women over 30-35 because they are independent and free thinking. They are able to discern and see through marketing messages and make their minds up based on if the brand aligns with their values rather than if a celebrity or influencer is promoting the campaign. Mature customers are less trend focused and see the value in investing in pieces rather than having an “it” item that costs a fortune and lasts a season (besides, we we’ve all been there and done that in the 90’s and 00’s)

Tell us about your workspace and what inspires you

I would love to say I work in a minimalist workspace with a tidy desk however it’s not the case, being creative is messy. I'm inspired by art, architecture and exploring the concept of luxury in different contexts. I love travelling and experiencing as much of the world as possible.

You mentioned exploring the concept of luxury, can you expand on that a bit more?

When I was designing this range and coming up with the concept of Bombshell Bay, I wanted to really consider what luxury means (but not in a traditional sense of the word)

The concept of time as luxury was the focal point for me and I think most women would probably agree that the thing that is most scarce for them is time. Having time for yourself, time to think, explore and read, learn and rest. Bombshell Bay is designed with a modern woman in mind, one who places a value on her time and how she spends it.

I also wanted to bust the myth that sustainability is a luxury.

Sustainable products have a bad rep for being associated with insanely high price tags. Novelty pricing, as some would call it. The fabric we use is priced reasonably, which means we can still offer our products at a very similar price to non sustainable swimwear prices.

Being sustainable is as simple as making better decisions on the things we buy and use. In some cases it is the more expensive option, however, it should not be seen as a luxury but as an investment.

Creating a cleaner, healthier and safer place to live in the future is our responsibility now.


Would you say you put pressure on yourself? Why do you think so many women put pressure on themselves

Just like everyone else, I want to create my best work and contribute to being a good human, friend, family member, and boss.

It’s a work in progress and something I struggle with.

Most women I know are constantly striving for whatever it is that is important to them. We often place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, usually because of what we think others think of us and social media doesn’t help this, however I think we are becoming more aware of what is realistic and achievable and embracing imperfection.


The first sustainable swim range is quite small, are there plans to grow it into a larger collection?

The ethos behind Bombshell Bay is to always create products that are refined and considered. I want the customer to have a strong sense of belonging, like YES, I’m in the right place!

No filler products, no overly trend based pieces. A highly curated design process means less products but a clearer and stronger aesthetic.

The way I approach sustainability is from two angles.

Buying less and buying better.

The pieces in the Bombshell Bay Swim range are designed specifically for our customer ( based on things like quality, fit and fashionability) so in theory, she will only need one swimsuit that will last her many a sunny afternoon (although regular swimmers and sun worshippers may have more than one suit at a time)

Responsible manufacturing.

Creating a product that is made from regenerated materials is a step in the right direction to reducing waste and helping keep our oceans and waterways clean.


What's next for Bombshell Bay Swimwear?

The overwhelming feedback from our customers is they love our fits (which is amazing feedback because we strive to make women feel good (It’s our brand mission) so we will continue to work with our shapes and produce new original prints.


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