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Why You Need A Summer Manifesto

Do you remember Summers as a kid?
Do you remember how LONG they seemed?
Hot lazy days spent out in the yard, at the beach or splashing in a pool. The days were so bright and hot, full of adventures, always with friends and family.

So many memories. Even the nights were special, filled with the sounds of summer, insects humming, the cricket on the TV and the sound of thunderstorms rumbling in the distance. 


Why You Need A Summer Manifesto

Summers as a kid were amazing. There’s something about that last day of school feeling and the freedom of knowing that you didn’t have to pull on a uniform or eat another squashed soggy cheese and vegemite sandwich for another 8 weeks. It was what we lived for.

And then you became an adult and all of the fun was sucked out of summer because you are working, studying (or both) and have a family to see to and responsibilities like wearing pants but first making sure they are clean before you put them on.

Basically, life got in the way of Summer.

So, we are taking back summer this year and we have created a Summer Manifesto. Which is basically just a fancy checklist of all of the things we would like to do this summer before it slips away and life gets in the way.

Adult summers are filled with endless commitments, responsibilities, and work (urgh) and before you know it summer is over. All of those good intentions, fading away and put on hold for another year.

To combat missing out on Summers simple pleasures we have compiled a list of activities we want to tick off before the leaves start to turn.

It’s our ultimate summer checklist and we want to share it with you to inspire your own Summer Manifesto.

Download and use our Summer Manifesto to kick-start the best summer you’ve had in ages.



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