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Yes! Sun Smart, Fashionable Swimwear DOES exist!

Growing up in Australia it’s a right of passage to spend literally every day of summer at the beach. I have the fondest memories of scorching summers, playing all day, usually in our undies, mum chasing us around with zinc for our noses, if she was lucky enough to catch us.


What we know now is that the sun is bad for your skin. Like really bad.
Almost so bad that it's easier to be in denial about possible past sun damage that we may have.
sun smart swimwear
Sun damage doesn’t always present itself immediately and it and can be way more worrying than a few wrinkles or freckles (actually it could a be a myth that the sun gives you freckles- I need to look into that)
Choosing the right swimsuit means you can protect yourself from the sun and possible sun damage.


So, like me you are probably wondering how do I choose a swimsuit that is really going to protect me from the sun and also, how does it actually work? Is it infused with sunscreen?


These are both very good questions and after talking with our fabric supplier and getting the low down on which swimwear is best for sun protection Ive translated their science speak into regular speak so you can make the best choice for you.


-How do they get the UV50+ into the fabric 
Spoiler, no it’s not infused with sunscreen but damn, I wish it was because it would smell SO good.
Fabrics are made from lots of different types of fibers, including cotton, bamboo, wool, and nylon. Most fibers naturally absorb some UV radiation.

Synthetic fibers such as the ones we use to make swimwear are more protective than say, cotton or linen or silk. The effectiveness of the UV comes from a few factors including how well the fabric was constructed and sometimes even the colour can play a part in how much UV is blocked. 


-How can I tell if my swimwear has UV protection in it?
Well, the short answer is you cant. The only way you can know if your swimwear has UV protection is that the supplier/brand will tell you it has UV protection. As a rule of thumb, cheaper brands won't choose to use UV fabrics because they are more expensive.


-How do I choose a swimsuit that will protect my skin from sun damage?
Choosing a swimsuit is a super personal thing, kind of like choosing a gelato flavour or a new car. There are so many options, sometimes they are amazing and you love them, sometimes they are a bit meh and you regret them and sometimes they just get the job done and you are OK with that. We’d like to think we are shaking up the sun smart swimwear scene up a bit making super fashionable sun smart options with high quality UV+ swimwear fabric.


Do I still need to wear sunscreen if my swimsuit has UV protection?
Why not it can't hurt and it's always a good idea to cover the bits that might become exposed to the sun when your suit moves.

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